Apple Store Apps

Before, social media only consisted of a handful of websites. However, over time, numerous specialized and niche social networking sites have expanded to offer consumers more choices. The same thing is true about Apple Store Apps.

Apple Store Apps

App creators and consumers are no longer limited to the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. There are many other alternative app stores and options out there, and since these app stores are smaller than the big two, apps are much easier to find on these platforms.

What is Apple’s App Store called?

The Apple App Store and Google Play are different platforms that developers use to market and sell applications. Google Play, formerly called Andriod Market, is intended for Android mobile apps, compared to iOS apps in the Apple App Store.

How many apps does the Apple store have?

Apple Store Apps

By the first quarter of 2021, Android users could choose from 3.48 million apps, which resulted in Google playing the App Store with the most apps.

Apple App Store Find the app you love

For iOS users, the Apple App Store is usually the first place to look for new and amazing apps. According to Life wire, Apple’s App Store contains 2.1 million apps, including apps developed specifically for Apple TV and Apple Watch.

Building your application for Android and iOS users will give your application the best potential for discovery. However, you see nearly 5 million competitors in these mobile app stores, so you should consider promoting your app elsewhere.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Many tool producers have determined that they are able to higher combine their clients below their manufacturers through imparting their very own cellular app stores. The Samsung Galaxy Apps Store is simply one example.

Since Samsung can preinstall its very own app shop on its Android devices, clients have the apps they need at hand. There are some distance fewer apps in markets like this than on Google Play, which will increase visibility for app creators.

LG Smart World

LG has a comparable cellular app keep, referred to as Smart World, which is robotically established on LG phones. This app keep additionally gives packages that can be designed for LG TVs and different devices.

Huawei App Store

This cell app keep is ordinarily focused on the Chinese market, with maximum app names and outlines written in Chinese characters. Huawei is established on various company’s gadgets and permits humans in nations without getting entry to the Play Store to download the apps they need to use.

Sony Apps

Like numerous of its competitors, the Sony Apps marketplace is designed for humans with Sony cell gadgets Who want to appearance natively on their phones or tablets without turning to Google Play.

It’s geared normally towards entertainment, however, you may additionally locate masses of emblem apps that provide different functionality, as well.

Amazon App store

Apple Store Apps

It’s no wonder that e-Commerce large Amazon has branched into the app space. The Amazon App store hosts Android apps and springs preinstalled on gadgets just like the Fire Phone and the Kindle Fire in the location of the Play Store.

Remember that clients take the street of least resistance to get what they need. If they already have the Amazon App store on their device, they’ll search for an app they want there first, in advance than downloading each different marketplace.

 When your app seems for those customers, you shop them the hassle of downloading greater shops to their devices that may assist now no longer best with logo reputation however additionally with logo loyalty.

Plus, clients with any Android-powered tool can download the Amazon App store. As we’ve visible in different regions of commerce, Amazon has a tendency to dominate the areas it infiltrates, so anticipate downloads to increase.


Many Android customers select Aptoide in place of the bigger cellular app shops due to the approaches it shows app listings. It’s fairly intuitive and smooth to navigate, which makes it an attractive alternative.

 Additionally, Aptoide stays simply as large as the opposite cellular software shops. You can discover games, productive apps, shop apps, and more. Since it isn’t niche-specific, apart from catering solely to the Android OS, it’s an excellent desire for any emblem with an app.


The GetJar interface may appear a touch dated, however, the simplicity of its internet site and cell app save makes it a famous preference for each app builder and consumer. It’s an open app save, this means that that it gives apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and different OSs.

This specific method endears it to many consumers, in particular, folks that very own gadgets with one of a kind running systems. For instance, Android smartphone customers would possibly have iPads or Apple TVs of their homes.


As you may see, there are masses of smartphones app stores for Android, and SlideME isn’t any exception. It’s one of the most built-in options on the Google Play Store, and it’s home to free and top-notch applications in its listings.

Uptodown Market

Uptodown only offers free apps that could result in users searching for content here rather than Google Play, and it’s available worldwide. Certain countries, including China, will not be able to access Google Play without a solution, making Uptodown perfect for the markets.

Although caters nearly completely to video games and gamers, it’s nonetheless really well worth mentioning. Many manufacturers have located that gamification makes their apps extra attractive and much more likely to be used, and incorporating gameplay into an app could make it extra popular.


It’s designed particularly for iOS gadgets that have been jailbroken. Those gadgets can’t get admission to apps at the Apple App Store, so customers who buy jailbroken telephones or jailbreak their very own telephones frequently use Cydia. Cydia is not just like the different cell app stores. on this list.


One of the promoting factors of Appolicious is this cellular app save has very strict necessities approximately the particular apps that make it via its gatekeepers. Its intention is to offer the highest-pleasant unfastened and paid apps at the marketplace, so getting your app indexed right here can enhance visibility significantly.


 This Android-best online app hold has been around for several years and developed an almost cult-like following. Although it focuses extensively talking on video games and entertainment, it doesn’t discriminate with regards to the sorts of apps it supports.


AppBrain is concurrently a group of app merchandising equipment and a browser-primarily based totally cell app store. Brands can use AppBrain to make their apps more visible in various mobile app stores, Together with its own, in addition to forcing greater site visitors to their app listings.


Bemodi makes your app look better and gives cellular app downloads through the internet browser instead of a self-contained app. Consequently, it’s greater beneficial to purchasers who use Opera completely and who don’t need to load but some other app onto their devices.


Think of neXva as a mobile app store with many different industries for mobile apps that others have developed. It’s specially designed for developers who want to control how their content is distributed to consumers, so it’s a very useful part of any mobile app marketing strategy.

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