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Do your children spend a lot of time online while using smartphone? If your answer is yes, then you must keep in mind some specific points. First of all, you must start using any parental control app. This will help your children’s experience safe on smartphone. We are bringing you 10 free parental apps that will keep your children’s phone safe and secure.

Parental Control Apps helps people to filter unwanted content, track kids, observe your children that how they are using smartphone, it provides the data that how much time the smartphone is using during a day. Its help to block inappropriate and un-wanted websites. Its help to identify and block unwanted content like, gambling, pornography, violence etc.

Almost all of the parental control apps are providing same features like Location Tracking, Web Filtering, Cyberbullying prevention, Screen Time control, App Blocking and many more features. To manage screen timer there are many apps available which enable your children to use smartphone for specific period of time.

We tested many Parental Control app all the apps are providing mix of features but no single app is providing 100% features for both iOS and Android devices including Macs and PCs. We are presenting you list of apps with features. Go through the list and select the app with features suites you more.

FamiSafe – Parental Control

Available: iPhone, iPad, Android

FamiSafe is available for iPhone, iPad and Android operating devices. It is one of the best apps for parental control. FamiSafe has some great features like GPS Tracking, set time limit, calls and text monitoring, checking browsing history and monitoring web-based activities of children. This app did its whole efforts to put together all the features to one place which is need for parental control. It is one of the complete solution available for parents. It keeps the track record of children day to day activities. FamiSafe interference provide an overview of daily activities at a single glance. Daily activities include many features including Youtube installation and uninstallation time and record of watch time and type of content they watch.

Qustodio Parental Control

Available: iPhone, iPad, Android

Qustodio Parental Control App offering different features for parents. It is one of the advance and unique apps that helps the parents to safely supervised their kids. Qustodio is providing many features, like daily activity log report through email that you can check the report from your own device with an ease. It is providing in-depth report of activities on daily basis. Qustodio is providing a unique browser filter. In this feature kids can only search through specific browser and installing any other browser will not work on their device. This will allow the kids to search only those content which you want them to search.

Qustodio contain a specific monitoring tab for social sites. Especially for Facebook activities. It is providing another feature that allowing certain apps to work in certain times, like blocking games and allowing reading apps at bedtime. This app is providing notification only through emails. Emails can be check at free time with a convenience. Qustodio is providing most of features in free version too. This app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Ourpact Parental Control & Kid Tracker

Available: iPhone, iPad, Android

Ourpact app allows you to manage your children’s time spending on smartphone and tablet. It is a featured app which is providing app blocker, GPS locator, Parental control, family locator, and child tracker.  Ourpact provide you an ease of managing the time of family’s screen, blocking apps manually through this app. Parental Control & Kid Tracker is available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. Parents get a feature to create GPS geofences between different places. They will be able to get real-time location alerts on arriving to school or home, and to going out of the specific locations. It is a comprehensive parental control and kid tracker solution. Ourpact provide peace of mind through parents control over children devices and their real time location tracking.

Net Nanny Parental Control App

Available: Android

Net Nanny is a popular and user-friendly app. It is available for android devices. Net Nanny is providing complete and flexible content filtering mechanism. It comes with multiple effective and interesting parental controlling features through its interface. Net Nanny provides you internet filter control, through which any one can filter unwanted online activities. You can restrict your kids to certain websites, or filter certain websites not reachable for them especially adults’ content. Parents can track children’s location, set time schedule, history of usage time and location.

Norton Family Parental Control

Available: iPhone, iPad, Android, Macs, Windows

Symantec Security Company introduce its parental apps for android. It is free of cost. The quality of Symantec Security Company is shown in the Norton Family Parental Control app. It is providing a vast range of features and controls for parents. The app is specially targeting today’s hyper-connected children. App is consisting of features like block or grant access to different apps, games, browsers and many other things. Norton is providing an easy-to-use interference. Most of the features are available in free version of the app. One of the most acceptable features of this app is, it is compatible with most of the devices and operating systems. Such as Android, iPhones, iPad, Macs and windows.

Kidgy Parental Control App

Available: iPhone, iPad, Android,

It is one of most unique app. Kidgy comply with the modern-day technology and make the parenting easy. Like other parental control application, it is providing features like, websites restrictions, kids exposure to social media, calls and contacts. But it is also work as GPS tracker through which parents can monitor children’s movements. Kidgy is also providing you GPS tracking history. You will be able to know that whether your children were in the area you want or they went out to restricted areas. Parents can set notification for simple tasks. You will be informed once the task is done by the kid. We know that smartphones are taking control of many things in day-to-day routine. But with the help of Kidgy parents can restricts children to adopt new technology with responsibility.

Screen Time Parental Control

Available: Android, iPhone, iPad

It is one of good app for controlling and managing your children screentime. It is working on both android devices and Apple devices. Screentime featured with positive attributes. Parents can set different task for kids and once kids complete those tasks; parents can reward them with additional screen time. Kids really enjoy such kinds of rewards and become motivate to complete the task sooner. Instant pause feature is one of the good features. It provides parents with the ease of instantly pausing the kid’s device screen. It is a good access to getting children to ready for school or reaching to dinner table. Screen Time app is providing features of blocking specific apps, at specific time of the day. This feature is good for restricting device usage during school time.

ESET Parental Control

Available: Android

ESET Parental Control app is providing some refreshing features. It is an android-based app which allow parents to monitor and manage children activities. ESET is a standalone app that is decorated with all the importance features in a single web-based interference. You just need to install ESET app in parent phone as well as child’s phone. Sign up from your account and integrate it with your child’s phone and you are done. Now you can control different activities on child phone from your own. Parents can even monitor kids’ phone from any browser. All you need is just login to your ESET account from any browser.  

There are many other parental control apps available around. But we bring you some of the best option. although Apple’s Screen and Google’s Family Time is offering basic parental control but all the family members should be on the same operating system.

Tell us in comments which Parental Control App would you try?

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