How to save videos on Reddit?

You could come across images or movies while reading Reddit that you’d like to save to your phone with

Viddit and share with friends or on social media later. While saving photos is simple, saving films is more difficult.

Don’t worry if you’re having problems saving videos from Reddit. On Android and iOS, there are a few fast ways to download Reddit videos with sound.

On Android and iPhone, you can get videos from Reddit!

Reddit is a fantastic resource for news, debate, and other important information. It used to be possible to download videos from the app itself. Unfortunately, the option has been deactivated for a long time.

Some of you may turn to screen recording, but this isn’t always practical. So you’ll have to clip out the video, and the audio may be problematic. On Android and iOS, there are a couple of workarounds for downloading Reddit videos with sound.

  1. Downloading from Reddit with the Reddit Downloader App (Android Only)
    Reddit Downloader applications for Android allow you to download videos from Reddit. While the Google Play Store has a plethora of options, we’ll be using Viddit in this case.

2. Using Reddit Apps from Third-Party Developers
Reddit, like Facebook, has a number of unauthorized clients with additional features. Joey for Reddit is a popular tool that allows you to download Reddit videos in the following formats.
Steps you will follow.

Simply tap it to start playing.
• Tap the Download option on the playback screen.
• If prompted, grant storage access permission.

Use Websites to Download Reddit Videos

Another approach is to use websites that allow you to download Reddit material. This is the simplest technique because it does not require the installation of any third-party software. All you need is the video post link to get started.

The following steps are.
• Go to Reddit and find the post containing the video you wish to download.
•Find the link by tapping the Share button.

Final Thoughts

These were three simple and quick methods for downloading Reddit videos with sound to your Android or iPhone. The video downloader tool is my favorite because it takes the least amount of work to download a video.

How to get videos from Reddit?

Reddit is a social media platform that connects people who share common interests. Members of the site are referred to as Redditors, and they create content that is subsequently upvoted or downvoted by other users.

You can join multiple communities, known as subreddits, based on your interests, where you can discuss subjects with like-minded people.

You may come across movies that you wish to save while browsing Viddit. We’ll show you how to download Reddit movies to your Android phone or PC.

When it comes to Reddit, use Slide
There is a slew of apps that make Reddit more appealing and consumable, but those in the know say Slide for Reddit (Android/iOS) is right up there with the best.

It’s not just the finest method to browse Reddit, but it also has a hidden feature: a Reddit video downloader! To download videos from Reddit using Slide, first start the app, then go to the hamburger menu in the bottom right corner and select the video you want to download.

To save the video, select “Save MP4” or “Save MP4 to.” This is as simple as it gets.

  1. Make use of the Reddit Bot
    Reddit has a bot, similar to Telegram’s that assists users in downloading video files. Reddit bots are amusing little programmes that can assist you with a number of tasks.
  2. These bots can display battery percentages, convert non-metrics to metrics, display bold text, or just download a video. We’ll use the “u/save video” Reddit bot to save any video on the site for our purposes. You won’t be able to download YouTube videos, however.
    Let’s go over how to get videos from Reddit using the “u/save video” Reddit bot.

• While you get the message with a link then it will be sent to you by the Reddit bot in a few seconds.

• So it will take you to a new page with a download link in either HD or SD quality.

Bots are frequently banned on Reddit. Furthermore, this Reddit bot may get you to a URL in a matter of seconds in certain circumstances, but it may take several minutes in others.

  1. Viddit (Android app)
    Using a third-party video downloader tool makes downloading Reddit videos much easier. A specialized video downloader software makes your task easier no matter what device you use to browse Reddit. In our case, we’re using Viddit, a video-sharing tool.
  2. All you have to do is download and install the Viddit app from the Google Play Store. Viddit also has an iOS version, but it’s far lower quality, so if you’re on iOS, we recommend sticking with Slide. Go to the Reddit post with the video you want to download and open it.
  3. Select the Viddit app from the Share option that appears after pressing the Share button. The video link will be extracted from the post’s link by the Viddit app.
  4. It is possible that processing the video will take a few seconds. To save the Reddit video, simply click the Download icon after you’ve finished. You can utilize the page if you don’t want to download any apps to your phone.
  5. Reddit save ( (Browser)
    There are a number of Reddit video-downloading websites that can assist you in getting the video you want. Reddit save is a popular website for this. It’s a neat and tidy website.
  6. To use Reddit save to download the video, first open the Reddit post that contains the video. Press the “Copy Post Link” button after pressing the Share button.

In a new tab, open the Reddit save website and paste the link you just copied. Once Reddit save has retrieved the video from the link, click the Download button.

How can I download Reddit and Viddit videos from the internet?

It’s now easy to do so. The wide variety of options for various devices makes it really convenient. It occurs like a simple save button on advanced devices.

Using a Smartphone for using Viddit

The majority of mobile operating systems do not have the options specified for this Application. Yet it does exist in some Android devices.

Now go to a preferred store compatible with your device and make use of this appropriate app.

How to Get Videos from Reddit?

Reddit is more than just a social media platform it’s the place for communities to get together. It is a place to find hilarious videos and images. Further, it is a place to seek advice or share concerns, or simply a place to vent. If you’re on Reddit to watch videos from subreddits you follow. You might want to download them so you can watch them later.


Before you begin downloading Reddit videos, be sure you have permission to do so. Copyright rules apply to Reddit, as they do to all internet platforms. Expect your copyrighted content to be removed if you post it on Reddit.

You could also get in trouble if you download copyright content without the owner’s consent. Depending on the video copyright, this is a judgment call for you.

It’s acceptable if you’ve downloaded a video that the original poster made and owns the rights to, and they’ve given you permission to do so. The same regulations apply to public domain videos, which are not subject to copyright


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