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we purchase expensive smartphone brand iPhone. iPhone mobile gives us a feeling of high class and people consider it one of the valuable and most productive mobile. But do you know that what are the most important and essentials app of iPhone? Which provide you limitless productivity. So no need to worry we are here for you. We bring you a top list of essential and must have application that will suit your lifestyle and also ease your life. 


if you need an introduction to Google, that what is basically google. Then we are amazed that how you find us and reading this article. Although you google is for android. But you know that google is perfectly working with any iPhone. Google is providing powerful search option that anyone can expect. The finest way to find any information is google either you are searching about the historical information or you want to know about the nearest food court or restaurant that is offering home deliveries. Google also collect your data, sync it, analyze it and send you events or news according to your interests. Google is an important app and always worth downloading.


Facebook is offering an amazing text messaging application. That provide you the ease of chats and converting digital data with your Facebook buddies and anyone from your contacts who has installed the messenger app.  One of the best options of Messenger is that it logs in from its own app interference and you do not need to first sign in to Facebook and then log in to Messenger. The Facebook application no longer supporting built-in chat option. Facebook chat is transfer to Facebook Messenger. And all the Facebook chat is happening through Facebook Messenger. So, if you like socializing and chit chat on Facebook then this app is one of must have for your iPhone. And it will take a top place on your phone’s home screen.

Microsoft Edge

We did not expect that browser made by Microsoft will took a place in our list of must have applications. but we include it due to its performance. Microsoft Edge is an excellent app for mobile browsing. And we are recommending it as one of the best iOS browsing app. It is fast and smooth and providing full features. Microsoft Edge provide you convenience to find related shopping coupons, advance features and tools for privacy-protections and most importantly it provides you an option for ad blocking. These features made it easy to go direct to your desire webpage instead of surfing around in irrelevant sites.


We know that you have YouTube installed. And you will rarely find anyone who don’t watch Youtube. Its means that YouTube is an essential app and if you do not find it on your phone, treat yourself and download it to watch videos. But you know that Youtube was not the part of iOS essential app list. Till 6 version of iOS, YouTube was not the part of the list but many thanks to Google for making a comeback for YouTube and including this beautiful app in the essential list.

As we know that millions of videos are uploaded on YouTube on daily basis. And now a days almost everyone is a blogger. So tremendous amount of data is available on Youtube from bloggers, gamers, education experts and skills related institutions. The most important features are that, watching videos on Youtube is free. Youtube is allowing the option of downloading videos which can be watch offline.  It is also providing a $12 per month subscription-based YouTube Premium service. Youtube Premium provide the option of Ad-free streaming, and lock screen video playback option. Besides these, all the features are available in Free Youtube and you can enjoy it without any subscription charges.


Instagram is owned by Facebook. But this application is providing an excellent social networking platform for pictures sharing and also presenting pictures with hundreds of beautiful, flashy and even silly filters. Instagram provide you an option of following people of interest. You can express your photos of inspiration, holidays, occasion, and photos of everything on your account. People can follow you and inspire by your lifestyle and photography. And if you are not interested in all these then just open the Instagram and enjoy photos of people you followed.


We are always confused about Snapchat that either put it into social media application or messaging application. Because Snapchat provide you some of the best features for both the apps. Snapchat is one of the coolest apps for messaging. It provides you a wonderful option of auto-delete message after being seen. Most of the people know Snapchat as photo’s filter app. Through which anyone can easily filter their photos to different colors and themes. Snapchat filters are known to be best filters around. It is using latest technology of face-scanning, through which it puts amazing, weird and funny filters on people’s faces. It is one good app to available in your iPhone even if you rarely use any such app.


People think that Zoom is an effective work meeting application. But this is the wrong perception. As long as we are spending time our and ratio of calls and especially video calls be increases and for longer duration of time. Among all the video call application, undoubtedly Zoom is the best and most known application available. It is the easiest app available to use. All you need is just send a link to someone and you are ready to connect with a video call or go for a chat. It is justifying its value of downloading and Zoom is always ready to serve you.


There are a mess of chat app and you are looking for a group chat app then its even more. If you are socially active then you will have a lot of groups chats and group chat apps. And it is harder to swap between apps and get to your all notifications. What would you do if we introduce you to an app that will combine all your contacts to one place to chat and make your life easy?

All you need is just to add all your contact to GroupMe app and chat from this app with all your contacts with an ease. You can make different groups and decorate it with different avatars. You can also save your videos and photos to this app and us it later. GroupMe is also providing the benefit of a desktop version so you can chat with your contacts without touching your phone.


If you do not have access to unlimited internet or WIFI, and you are in need of unlimited chat through text, photos, videos, and even different files and voice messages then you need the all-in-one app none other than WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of best fully chatting app which is providing almost all the features.  That is worth its downloading. Due to its un-matched features, WhatsApp is a part of iOS essential apps. WhatsApp is using all around the world except some of the American regions but overall, its an amazing app.


Internet is full of free and amazing food recipes. But it is one of difficult task to find the recipe of your taste and liking. If you like traditional recipes and also want to try new recipe then try Whisk. It allowing you to make a pool of recipes you like. Whisk allows you to save recipes of your taste and gives you an amazing option of ingredients substitute and amount. Its also giving you the facility of creating your own cookbook. Whisk is equipped with the feature of meal planner. So, anyone can plan a full week of meals ahead. Whisk is giving you the bonus of providing a shopping list with a single click. With such amazing features Whisk is added in iOS essential app list.

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