Latest WhatsApp Features near to Launch

We are bringing you the list of exciting new features that WhatsApp is nearly launching.

Now a days, one of the best apps for social connecting is WhatsApp. WhatsApp is continuously launching new features to improve its app. The App launch many features in 2021 that bring ease into people life. WhatsApp is plaining some of the new features. We bring you latest WhatsApp features near to launch.

Some of the features are in testing process, while others features are still under development. Some of the features are available in beta version for specific users. WhatsApp is currently testing integration of Instagram Reels on its platform. The new WhatsApp features claim that it will enhance user’s messaging experience.  

Latest WhatsApp features near to launch

Last Seen “Customization”

The best thing about WhatsApp is, it always concerns about user’s privacy and security. We all know that there is a good option of last seen on WhatsApp. This help user in knowing status of message seen or informing others that your message is seen. But some users do not want to share their last seen status. WhatsApp previously provide the feature of hiding last seen from contacts. But this feature will also hide the feature of others people “last seen” for you.

The issue with this feature is either you will hide your “last seen” for all the contact or you will show it to all of your contacts. Same is the case for other’s “last seen”. Either you will see the status from all the contact or will not see from all the contacts. But thanks to the new beta feature from the company where people will be hide to their Last Seen” status from specific contacts.

The feature will nearly be going live, where people will get an option to hide their “last seen” for certain contacts and will see “last seen” status from all of their contacts. People who are using beta version of WhatsApp are already experiencing this option and it will be available for all other users in coming few weeks or months.

Deleting Send Messages with No Time Limit

WhatsApp is providing an option to delete your sent message for both of the users (Sender, Recipient). But there was a time limit for this feature. After 4,096 seconds (that is 68 minutes and 16 seconds) the message is sent, the sender can’t delete the message. Before the given time users have the option to delete the message for both the users. But in the latest beta version of the app, now users are able to delete sent message at any time. WhatsApp remove the time limit option for delete messages. While the beta version did not provide such feature, it is strongly considering that the time limit will be remove for users once and for all. So, let’s see this amazing feature in WhatsApp coming updates.

Message Reaction

While using social platforms like Facebook and Instagram, people are able to put their reaction on any image or message. Facebook is providing with six different emojis to react to any post. WhatsApp adopt the same feature in its beta version “WABetaInfo”. in the new feature users will be able to show their reaction to any message or photo with six of the different emojis from the list. This feature will be available for all chat group as well as individual conversations. WhatsApp is also providing option of enabling/disabling this feature for user from its “reaction notification” setting.

A New Community Feature

There is a new feature under development where WhatsApp will launch a community feature for its users. It will be just like WhatsApp groups, but admin will get more control over community and its users. This new feature will be same like discord channels and groups. An admin of the community will be able to create multiple groups inside a single community, and will also be able to control things perfectly. The community will also cover end-to-end encryptions. All the details about community features are not yet disclose but certainly WhatsApp is working on it and will need some time to implement this feature. it will be launch somewhere in 2022.

WhatsApp logout

WhatsApp is providing an option for “delete account”. This option deletes your account permanently. If you need a second account in your smartphone, all you can do it to install WhatsApp business app and use it as a second option. now WhatsApp replace the option of delete account with a logout option in its WABetaInfo version. This option will allow its users to simply logout from one account and login to another account in single app. This feature will work same like other social networking apps i.e., Facebook. Where users can logout from account at any time. This feature will not only be allowing its user to login multiple accounts in single device but it will also give an ease of login single account in multiple devices at the same time.

Instagram Reels on WhatsApp

Most of the people have craze to use Instagram and spending most of time enjoy Instagram reels. But now you can enjoy Instagram reels from your WhatsApp application. Yes, WhatsApp is going to allow its users to enjoy Instagram reels from their WhatsApp. WhatsApp will use an integrated plan for this feature as like using for other apps that are owned by Facebook. WhatsApp may use a separate interface inside its current app. If someone is an-aware that what is an Instagram Reel. Basically, it’s a very brief video feature, that is added by Instagram last year, when the government has ban and shutdown TikTok. This year Facebook also launch the Reels Feature.

Read Later

WhatsApp is currently providing an option of Archived Chats. In this feature you can save certain chat to read it later. WhatsApp is now changing the Archived chat to Read later feature. In this feature, user can select any chat and move it to read later option. after that WhatsApp will not be able to send notification for selected chat. This feature will add another option with the name of “vacation mode”. This confirm that Read Later and Archived Chat, both work in the same way. But read later will get some customization buttons as well. And you can select multiple chats at the same time to move in or out from read later.

Creating Own Sticker

Most of the users from WhatsApp use different stickers to express their feelings in chats. This time WhatsApp is giving an exciting feature to creating and using your own image as a sticker in messages. This feature is available in its beta version and 91mobiles identify this feature. All you need to upload any of the image and there will be some editing tools which will convert that image to sticker and you can use it nicely. In the customization tools there will be some features to make your sticker more interesting and funnier. More information will be available once the feature is live.

WhatsApp Insurance

India is a big market for WhatsApp users. WhatsApp is now planning to launch Insurance features. Through this features people will be able to buy different insurance policies through WhatsApp in India. In this year WhatsApp will be able to sell micro-pension products and health insurance policies in India with the help of licensed financial services providers. Initially the HDFC pension scheme and SBI General Health Insurance companies will be available on this feature.

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