Messaging Apps and its important features

What’s you prefer choice for choosing messaging application? Do you want some specific features? Or rush with any popular messaging app? Play store and google store are full with hundreds of messaging apps. And most of the apps provide same features and benefits. Before choosing any messaging app your best choice, consider some of the following features for your app. These features will amaze you and you will be able to choose your best messaging app easily.


Usage in nearby community

The very first thing we look for an app, that how many of the known people use such app. This will help in getting in touch with them easily. One of the important reasons to find good app is about privacy. Privacy credentials is one of the prioritized features to use an app, especially messaging app. As we see WhatsApp boost in a very short time due to offering end to end encryption, giving privacy and security to users. Limiting users’ interactions with unknown people. Facebook and WhatsApp are on the same way to enhance privacy features for its users.

Now new launching apps are also adopting these features to attract more users. In the recent time, social practices are very much changed. Due to pandemic routine office work shifted towards work from home. Now more people are engaging in different virtual groups specially WhatsApp groups, doing their jobs. Businesses run different channels to achieve their goals. People are exposing to unknown people more than ever. In such a situation, privacy become one of the top priorities for everyone. While WhatsApp and Facebook are providing these features, people embrace these apps quickly.

Service Ownership

Before downloading any app, users search the source of the app. Is it available on Play store or Google Store? If the source of the app is reliable then check which company is offering the app. When it’s come to privacy people always prefer trusted and loyal companies.  They hardly trust any other company while option is available with their loyal company. People using Facebook without any worry about their privacy.

Now they have no issues to give their personal information to WhatsApp, as they knew that both apps are from one company. While giving personal information to any other app from less known company will definitely make them to think at least once. If a user is asked that “in terms of your privacy choose any one between Facebook and Instagram” user will have no doubt to choose any one because both of the apps are proving maximum level of protection to user’s personal information.

If a user is asking to select Telegram or Signal messaging app instead of WhatsApp, maybe he think about it while considering his privacy. This example indicate that the ownership and the reputation of the apps matters a lot. But if we ask from a user that select any second messaging apps, one for your personal communications and the second one for your official conversation. Then may be the second option is less privacy-center pick as compare to first choice.

Files sharing flexibility

Well, this feature does not consider to be most important. But it is one of the important features to have media sharing flexibility on any messaging app. Now a days communications are heavily depended on graphical sharing on messaging apps. People shares pictures, videos, emojis, voice and many other types of content to communicate. Sharing of content on messenger are always an easy option. its easy to share your favorite images, videos, music and other content with the people you care. But companies are thinking one step ahead then users. Now a days messengers are able to share wider range of features such as locations and documents with others. You can share media with a single recipient or in a group of hundreds of people in a split of second.  Messengers are supporting even text documents, spread sheets and PDF file.

Flexible Interface

One of the first things people notice about any app is the interface of the app. Users like friendly interface. Applications should be easy, user friendly, run smoothly and easy to handle. Apps should not be complicated, drab, boring or too serious. A good interface of an app can provide amazing results and people use it with ease. Google Meet and Microsoft Teams are examples of user-friendly messenger apps. That provide attractive appearance and greater look. Best apps are consisting of chat features, providing all setting and functionalities neatly.

Privacy Features

People are well aware of privacy features and now a days privacy features are highly focused. This is the time where user’s data and information quickly circulate around the web if leaked accidently. Companies are also privacy focused and launching new and improved features day by day. Messenger apps with end-to-end encryption are need of the day. End to end encryption is a feature in which the sender and receiver can see their message only. The message sends through coding and no one can decode the message on the way. When a user sends a message from his device, this message will encrypt and convert to coding on the way when reach to receiver the message will automatically decode to receiver person, and receiver will be able to read and understand the message easily.

However, many people still believe that some of the apps that claim to be encrypted messenger apps did not provide best of end-to-end encryptions. Avoid search type of apps. And if you are not able to find about any app, search internet for its privacy reports. There are many organizations that works in cyber security, track this application for security and privacy.

Along with this, app developing companies take regular inspections of their apps through external professional to ensure 100% privacy and security of apps. Those external professionals gather different types of data for inspections such as tracking and geolocations, communication parameters and many other elements. These data reveal a lot about users without clearly taking consents from users.  Some of the apps ask permission for access to many irrelevant settings in the phone. Users should not blindly agree to all, and must read the installing package before installing any apps. One of the examples of irreverent access is, a well-known calculator app ask access to phone call records.

Apps for many OS

This is also one of the important factors while choosing any messaging app for your use. The availability of the apps to any specific operating system also reduces its coverage to certain customers. If an app is only available for iOS, it will target only iOS users. If you are an iOS user, you will be able to use that app with other people using iOS only. For messaging with android users, you will choose any second messaging app. So, instead of using two different applications for single task is not a wise decision. Choose any reliable option that work on all or most of the operating systems.

Companies are struggling hard to take competition over others. They are offering app for most of the operating systems, android, iOS, Windows etc. but the biggest challenge user face while changing their device from one OS to another is transferring data or conversions backup due to restrictions of coding. Most of the messaging apps provide back up features, through which user save their conversation history to cloud and when switching to another OS they simply download their backup from cloud.

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