Top 5 Antivirus in 2022

Antivirus is a type of software that is make to identify, catch, block and eliminate any software that can harm the network or computer. Antivirus is a first line advisory wall for of any system’s cybersecurity. It is frequently known as the initial line of defense to eliminate or defend the system against any malevolent software. Antivirus works as a software to protect network or computer against virus and prevent it from any malicious code spread to any other system or devices.

There are many Antiviruses software that are able to protect your computer. But today we are here with a list of most demanding and most valuable Antivirus software that can save your precious computer and data. Some of the best antiviruses are as follow.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus


  • Password Manager
  • Regular updates and subscriptions
  • Option of not tracking data privacy.
  • Detect ransomware


  • After a separate subscription VPN can be used.


  • 30 days free trail and yearly subscriptions on $39.99 for single device.

Bitdefender comes in our list of choice because it is providing a complete 360-degree protections in paid version. This antivirus was release in 2001 from developers of Bucharest located in southern Romania. This company is holding offices around the world with more than 1600 employees working. The company release Bitdefender Plus as an entry level antivirus software. Mostly for those home users who have less technical skills and wants a primary defense against common threats.

As we know that viruses and threats are not the only risks that users are facing. Bitdefender Plus is providing coverage against a wide range of first line of threats, as well as offering security features like online purchase monitoring, web-based transactions, ransomware protection, password management through which unique passwords are created by users every time for everything. All of the activities are controlled through a unique and simple to use dashboard. This antivirus is available for many systems like, Android, Mac, Windows and iOS.



  • Computer Protection (Backup & Firewall)
  • Brilliant Malware Protection
  • Password Manager
  • LifeLock identity theft defense.


  • Slower down computer while full scanning.
  • Expensive Pricing
  • Ransomware protection can be enhanced.


  • $84.99 yearly subscription for single device
  • $149.99 yearly subscription for up to 5 devices including Mac and 100GB cloud storage.

Norton 360 is seriously interested in updating its antivirus on regular basis for PC protection and maintenance features. This habit makes it one of the best antivirus options for computer Windows. Norton was launch for the first time in 1991 by Symantec. In 2018, LifeLock purchase Symantec. In 2019 the enterprise division of company was sold out. Norton LifeLock is the new name and its head office is located in Tempe, Arizona.

The most important feature of the Norton 360 antivirus is its capabilities of identity theft-protection. This feature is building a strong edge on other competitors. Norton 360 won the award of “Best Antivirus for Window” because of its long history of providing windows machines protection.

Company is providing different version of Norton 360 with LifeLock. So it is an easy option for users to pick their own version of choice. All the versions are providing quality features. And even the lowest and lightest version is providing PC maintenance features as well as cloud backup up to 2GB. The standard version is providing VPN, 100GB cloud backup and dark web monitoring. In this version users can enjoy the features all devices VPN, parental control, remote/school time learning control and webcam control.

Webroot Secure Anywhere for Mac


  • Speedy virus scanning
  • Labels suspicious links during online searches.
  • Best phishing detection


  • Testing data limitation


  • Yearly subscription of $29.99 instead of $39.99 for single device, offering 70 days of money back guarantee.

Webroot Secure is design specially for Mac. It is featuring fast scanning, excellent phishing detection and highlighting any suspicious link while browsing. Webroot is a Broomfield, Colorado based company. It has offices located in Europe, Australia, Japan and California. Webroot was first developed in 1997 and after 8 years long the first antivirus was launch in 2006. In 2019, The OpenText acquire the company.

For Mac computers, our first choice of antivirus is Webroot-Secure-Anywhere-for-Mac. People still believed that Mac systems are safe from different cyber-attacks, and large number of viruses and threats are designed for Windows computers. Still Mac computers are sensitive to ransomware, malware, phishing attacks and even some targeted viruses for Apple.

One of the good things of Webroot is that it leaves a very small amount of footprint on operating system of computer but scan very fast and detect phishing by an excellent mechanism. New threats are detected and send alerts to user through register email.

McAfee Antivirus Plus


  • Best firewall
  • Best detection of malware
  • Protect all devices, Android & iOS
  • Bonus features in subscription
  • Multiple subscription packages


  • Lesser features for iOS


  • Basic Subscription: First year $24.99 then $79.99 per year.
  • 10 device family Plans: First year $34.99 then $119.99 per year.
  • Unlimited Devices Plan: First year $69.99 then 159.99 per year.
  • 30 Days money back guarantee.

McAfee antivirus is our top of list choice for many devices. Because McAfee antivirus is providing a wide range of package plans through which anyone can purchase antivirus according to his need. The more devices you cover the lesser will be the charges. It is providing an ease of covering different devices with different operating systems in single plan. While McAfee Antivirus is providing almost same features for Android and Windows. Features for iOS is also good enough so there is no need of buying multiple subscriptions.

The basic plan can be extended up to 10 devices and features will be included secure web browsing, support and antivirus. The 10-device family plan is providing full protection on the network, encrypted storage, password manager, and identity theft protection for a year.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security


  • Easy to operate dashboard
  • Affordable pricing
  • Online financial transaction protection
  • Bonus features on purchase


  • Intensive resources
  • Most versions work on Windows only


  • Yearly subscription on $29.95 for anti-virus and security with 30 days money back guarantee.

Trend-Micro Anti-Virus +Security is an aggressive and powerful antivirus available at a rational price, making its presence in our list of best antiviruses. Trend-Micro is providing with some cool features and premium options.

Trend Micro company was formed in USA in 1988. But currently it headquarters is located in Tokyo Japan. The Trend Micro is multiple partnership with tech-companies and operating worldwide. Trend-Micro Antivirus is not only aggressive anti-virus system, but it is offering different security tools at an affordable price. Features include firewall booster, multiple level of ransomware security and protection, Pay-Guard browser that allowing the safest protection level for purchases and online banking.  

Advance Al-Learning features are available in every version of Trend-Micro’s antivirus. This feature is responsible for new ransomware strain detection as well as detecting other emerging threats. This feature can stop these threats before harming the computer systems. Trend-Micro antivirus is providing password management protection to only family’s first level user. the antivirus also supports the family’s first level user’s mobile operating system.

Trend-Micro antivirus + security is the best option for all those users who do not have interest in micro-managing their system security. It is a good option for Window system but a Mac version of this antivirus is also available.

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