Top Android Documents Scanning Apps

Are you working in an office or studying School? Are you always searching for document scanner to scan your documents?  but you did not find the right and portable scanning app for your important tasks? So, you are searching at the right place. We are here to help you and giving you the top most demanding scanning application that will definitely ease your life to next level.

 Top Android Documents Scanning Apps

Smartphones in our hands are so much important in many aspects. We are using smartphone for almost every tasks. But the lesser tasks we use with our smartphones are digitizing our documents. Yes, we can easily scan our documents with the help of our smartphones in easiest and professional way.  Smartphones are very much helpful for scanning documents to soft version and converting them into most demanding JPEG and PDF format. We can scan our tax receipts, bills, office documents and even we are able to scan fill-out forms for emails. If you are using android phones then you are aware of Play Store. Play Store provides you thousands of scanning app for different tasks. But some documents scanning app are standing on the top of the list because of its user-friendly interference and convenience of using.

We are providing you with the list of top scanning app available on Play Store.

Following are the best documents scanning app for your android Smartphone.

  1. Adobe Scan
  2. CamScanner
  3. ClearScan
  4. Document Scanner
  5. Fast Scanner
  6. Genius Scan
  7. Microsoft Office Lens
  8. SwiftScan

Adobe Scan

This scan app is from the home of Adobe. Adobe is known for its most valuable and demanding editing apps around the world. Adobe Scan App is available on Play Store and one of the newest document scanning app. It proving all the important features that any scan app can provide. it is quite comprehensively scan receipts and documents of all types. Providing you the ease of color selection and different filters selections. You can edit your documents as per your need and customize its colors if needed. The scanned documents can be stored locally in your smartphone as well as providing you the option of backup your documents to cloud. Another helpful feature in the Adobe Scan is giving you the option of converting documents to PDF format. The Adobe Scan App is available free of cost on Play Store.


One of the most popular and common documents scanner app id CamScanner. It is offering a wide range of features. Through which you can easily scan your documents. CamScanner providing you the ease of converting scanned documents to JPEG or PDF format. Along with these free features by paying some nominal fees you can store your documents to clouds, print from cloud and even you can fax your documents from your cloud storage. Cloud is supporting different options like Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. CamScanner is coming up with many collaborations features as well. Most of features are free of cost and you can utilize it for free. But there are some premium features that is only available on subscription. Subscription charges are just $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year. The subscription unlocks all the features available on the App.

Clear Scan

If you are looking for a lightweight app for scanning documents. Clear Scan is the best option. It is providing the fast speed for processing. It is also support different cloud option like OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive. Clear Scan is also giving the feature of JPED and PDF conversion. These features add much value to this lightweight scanning app. Clear Scan is providing different editing features and with paying some bucks you can access to its premium version by paying only $2.99 if you want the pro-edition.

Document Scanner

The all-in-one solution for scanning documents is Document Scanner. It’s contained some of the most primary features like scanning, OCR support, PDF conversion and many other features. Along with the basic features Document Scanner is providing some of the premium features like image support and QR code scanner. Document Scanner is simply able to do any related task easily. It is also providing the feature of flashlight turn on in low-light situation. It is certainly one of the powerful and best document scanning app. It’s a good app for multi-tasking and you can do tasks in quick time. It is providing some premium features with up to $10.99 of monthly subscription.

Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is proving almost all the features that can be available in any document scanning app. But Fast Scanner is one of the compact scanner app. It’s equipped with features of PDF and JPEG conversion, editing features, cloud printing and colored document scanning. There is also an option of sending scan files through fax. The free version provides with a limited number of scans. While the pro version remove the limitations and you can scan unlimited number of documents as per your need. The Google Play Pass provides you an option of using this application for free. Fast Scanner is providing you two different types of subscriptions. You can unlock its pro-version by $9.99 and use all of its premium features just by paying $14.99.

Genius Scan

Genius Scan one of the most popular and demanding document scanning app available in the Play Store. It is supporting most of the important key features like document scanning, editing, conversion to different format and sharing it through different channels. It has some unique features of scanning documents like whiteboard noted and school notes, and other similar documents. The Genius Scan’s interface is simple and easy to use. You will enjoy while scanning and editing your quality documents. As like some other premium application Genius Scan is providing you Faxing your documents with a separate app. The pro version of this app provides different key features and its subscriptions start from $7.99. in the pro version you will get most of the important features.

Microsoft Office Lens

Office lens is one of the free scanning apps available on Play Store. Office Lens offering all the important features of scanning app. Its work like some other normal document scanner. But it provides good quality for all the users of school and businesses. It is good for all the documents like sketches, notes, business cards, receipts, whiteboards and many more. Office Lens is giving you the option of saving your documents to MS OneNote for quick and easy refencing. Office Lens is working in different languages like English, Chinese, German and Spanish. You can also download and use it without the subscription of Office 365. but for better results use it with your Office 365 subscriptions.

SwiftScan (Formerly known as ScanBot)

SwiftScan one the competent and functional document scanning app available. It is just like the CamScanner. It is offering you features of scanning documents and sending them to anyone through different channels. SwiftScan provides you features like cloud storage and Fax sending. This app also supports the option of Bar Code Scanning, QR Code Scanning and OCR. Although the OCR scanning need some improvement due to its buggy nature. SwiftScan is in the list of our recommendation. The special thing about the SwiftScan is that, its most of the features are free and only faxing features are included in premium features. Its pro version varies from $9.99 to $14.99.

which one would you download for your use?

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