Which of the following is true about apps?

Apps are an important part of the technology-driven world we live in and can improve a person’s life, happiness, and productivity. We must have knowledge about the term which of the following is true about apps?

The apps are also regularly used by businesses large and small to streamline production and increase workability. In this article, we will discuss more apps and the various types of apps and examples of common apps that are used today.

Which of the following is true about apps?

Which of the following is true about apps?

The term which of the following is true about apps? Has a vast meaning, To know more about this question we need to discuss more details about apps but the simple and exact answer to this question is that “The apps are more geared towards retention, loyalty, and engagement.”

What exactly is an app?

An application, short for “application,” is a type of software that can be installed and run on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or other electronic devices. An application most often refers to a mobile application or software that is installed and used on a computer. Most of the apps have specific and limited functions.

For instance

For example, a food delivery application could only be designed for users to obtain food from local restaurants that cannot be used at all, for instance, Shop for groceries or make restaurant reservations. There are currently millions of apps available in various categories such as business, productivity, shopping, and scheduling.

Importance of an app

Apps can be particularly important to business owners and organizations for a number of reasons, including:

1-They can help business owners quickly implement software that makes business more efficient.

2-They are less expensive than other forms of software Expandable the reach of a business.

3-It can increase the productivity of a -company, with which employees can fulfil commercial functions outside the office.

4-It also Offer a range of business services including accounting, inventory management, and software CRM.

Types of apps

There are different types of apps available for download for businesses and for individuals also. The following are the most common apps widely in use today Let’s discuss in detail to learn more about apps.

Web-based app

A web-based app is an application that requires Internet access to be able to be used fully. These types of applications are coded in JavaScript, HTML5, or CSS. A web-based application typically takes up much less space on a user’s device because the databases are stored on the Internet server. Examples of web-based applications are Netflix, Google Docs, and Dropbox.

Native app

Apps that are built for a specific mobile platform are known as native apps. For example, an app created for an Apple iPhone can only be used on Apple devices and will not work on other types of mobile phones such as Android. Apps are of different types and are mainly used to provide the highest performance on a particular mobile operating system. An example of a native app is the calculator app on the iPhone.

Hybrid app

A hybrid app is an app designed to support native and web-based technologies and is a combination of native and web-based applications. These apps are easier and faster to build and use a single code base that can be integrated across multiple platforms. It is important to note, however, that hybrid apps tend to have a lower throughput rate than native or web-based apps.

How to get apps?

Which of the following is true about apps?

There are many ways of downloading an app it basically depends on where you want to download it. The smartphones, users can download applications that correspond to their mobile device, for example, if they have an Apple iPhone, directly from the App Store. , you can download applications directly from the App Store on your phone

Android device users can download the app from the Google play store and from the Amazon store also.

The following are additional places to purchase and download mobile applications:

1-Microsoft Store BlackBerry World


3-Phone Store

4-Opera Mobile Store

 5-Samsung Apps

To download applications on a computer desktop, users can access applications in official and unofficial functions For instance the desktop user can download the app from unofficial sources like Softpedia etc.

Desktop applications tend to be more widely distributed through unofficial sources. However, there are some official application sources that are specific to a person’s desktop type. For example, people with an Apple Mac computer can download desktop applications from the Mac App Store.

In addition, web applications can be used on both mobile devices and desktop computers. These types of applications generally do not need to be downloaded. However, some search engines have their own app stores, such as apps that only run on Google Chrome.

Examples of apps

Which of the following is true about apps?

Nowadays there are many apps you can say that more than millions of apps available for download on many plant forms.

Here are some popular apps that many users and business owners incorporate into their daily lives

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an app this is to be had in diverse codecs and on more than one platform. This app may be downloaded without delay from the net and mounted on a computing device or pc computer. It also can be downloaded onto a cell tool or pill for use, even though on those gadgets the app within reason is limited. Users need to pay a subscription to download and use Microsoft Word.

Adobe Photoshop

This is another application that can be used on mobile devices, desktops and tablets. On a desktop computer, Adobe Photoshop is a complete software program and can be used to its full extent.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch is the mobile version of this application that is set up. on mobile devices and is only used to a limited extent. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is a web-based version of this application, which is also a compressed version of the desktop software program

Facebook Pages Manager

This application is created for Android and iOS to permit commercial enterprise proprietors and different people with commercial enterprise Facebook pages to manipulate their Facebook activity. You can use this app from a telephone or tablet.


This language-gaining knowledge of the platform gives an internet site and app, in addition to a virtual language talent evaluation exam. This application can be downloaded through various platforms.

Jobs that work with apps

If you experience running with apps, you may do not forget a profession that entails locating customers thru an app or developing, enhancing or coaching others on the way to use apps. Here are 10 jobs so as to do not forget:

  1. App developer
  2. UI Designer
  3. Software engineer
  4. Instructional Technologists
  5. Customer support
  6. Mobile app developer
  7. App support specialist
  8. Social media coordinator
  9. Brand ambassador
  10. Communication manager

Benefits of apps

Apps are beneficial for us in many ways like,

1-Give your customers more value.

2- Build a stronger brand.

 3-Connect with your customers quickly and easily

4-Improve customer loyalty

5- Achieve a higher level of customer loyalty

6-Create a personalized direct marketing channel

.7- use social media channels.

8- Gain an aggressive benefit for your niche. ..

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