OPPO F21-Pro

A Review to the Stylish Phone The new sensation of OPPO, F21-Pro is fantastic and fashionable phone. But does it worth its price? Let’s learn about it. Advantage: Best camera in daylightLong lasting batteryAttractive designColor Accurate Display Dis-advantage: Chances of improvement in PerformanceNot a great Microscopic Lens OPPO is one …

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Tech Giants

Apple At first, computers were giant and bulky machines that were almost the size of a room. Then two college dropouts Steve Jobs and Wozniak, think of small computers. So that people can carry them in their bags and take them anywhere. Consequently, they both founded Apple Computers, Inc. on …

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Latest Android Apps for You in 2022

Are you an android user and searching for some new cool android apps? Stay tune with us till the end of this article. We are here to provide you details of some of the new android apps that will definitely help you and ease your life. App developers are trying …

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iOS Essentials Apps

we purchase expensive smartphone brand iPhone. iPhone mobile gives us a feeling of high class and people consider it one of the valuable and most productive mobile. But do you know that what are the most important and essentials app of iPhone? Which provide you limitless productivity. So no need …

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Smartphones you should buy in 2022

Smartphones you should buy in 2022 Which Phone to buy Current smartphones are far more butter than ever. And there is a huge competition going between companies to present the smartest phone with phenomenal technologies. In such era it is difficult to select any single smartphone as a perfect smartphone. …

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What will be the future of Smart phone in 2025?

Do you ever think that what will be the future of smart phones?Which type of gadgets will replace today’s Smartphone?Do you think of spending a single day without using your smart phone? One of the hardest things to do is to predict something and when it comes towards technology, it’s …

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How to replace the battery in your iPhone?

How to replace the battery in your iPhone

It is possible to replace the iPhone battery on your own, but it is not a simple task. You should be aware that such devices have a lot of glue, and you’ll have to remove several parts to get to the battery. Following the 2017 throttling controversy, many Apple users …

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AI : Top 5 Benifits of Artifical intelligence

Benifits of Artifical intelligence

Artificial intelligence studies the machine’s ability to perform tasks generally attributed to human intelligence. It is a broad concept encompassing many different approaches to creating computer systems that perceive their environments and make intelligent decisions. Artifical intelligence What Is Artificial Intelligence? Artificial intelligence is primarily concerned with crafting computer systems …

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My predictions for the newest iPhone 14


Indeed, if the rumors are true. It may be a far more interesting improvement with the iPhone 14. It includes current rumors pointing to a possible redesign. The removal of the Face ID notch, and a vastly enhanced camera arrangement. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of everything. …

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