How to build a custom budget PC?

Any system proposal comes with the rather gloomy caveat that involves a custom budget PC build would be a lot easier if not for the present processor shortage and impossible demand.

This, like the majority of our gaming PC build instructions, has evolved into more of a wish list than something you could construct right now. It includes a tech perspective.

Thankfully, many components, such as CPUs and SSDs, are in plentiful supply, but due to the GPU scarcity, your graphics card will be the actual stumbling block.

But there’s reason to be optimistic, thanks to our $400 gaming PC, which doesn’t require a graphics card to play.

The total cost of this construction is $750, which does not include accessories like a mouse, keyboard, or monitor.

A Top-Level Comparison of Building vs. Purchasing a Computer

Pre-built computers can get you up and running quickly, but they frequently have limited components or other flaws that might hurt you later. In terms of quality, building a PC is the way to go.

Components, on the other hand, can be costly, and human error can cost hundreds of dollars. Regardless of which choice you choose, there are various aspects to consider that can make a major difference.

Important Factors to Consider

Knowing what you’ll use your new PC for will help you decide which specifications are most important to you as a user, whether you’re building or buying. Check out this list of common specifications and terminology you might hear while buying a new computer to get you started:

Dimensions of Storage

This refers to the maximum number of programs, files, and other types of media you can have on your computer. The size of the storage is commonly expressed in gigabytes (GB) or terabytes (TB) (Terabytes). The greater the number, the more storage space is available on the computer.

The hard drive is the component in charge of storing (HDD or SSD). Because this component is easily upgraded, it is not the most critical at the time of purchase. Other options, such as cloud or external storage, can also aid in the resolution of storage-related challenges.

CPU Capacity

Your PC’s power is directly proportional to the power of your CPU or processor. The most popular technique to evaluate processor power is clock speed, which is expressed in Gigahertz (GHz). Simply explained, the greater this number is, the more powerful the processor. The majority of current CPUs run at 3-4GHz.

GPU Capacity

The GPU, or graphics card, is just as important as the CPU in determining how powerful your machine will be. The clock speed can also be used to assess GPU performance.

There is, however, another equally vital criterion to be aware of. VRAM, or video ram, is the amount of memory available to the GPU and is directly proportional to its performance. The GPU becomes more powerful as the number increases.


Access is given at random. Memory, often known as RAM, is the component that stores all of the data that your computer is now using. With some constraints, you can easily increase the amount of RAM in your computer.

It’s ultimately up to your motherboard to determine how much RAM you can add.

Simply said, the more RAM you have, the more tasks your computer can perform simultaneously. RAM is commonly 8-16 GB in modern PCs.

Should You Build Your Own Computer?

Completing a fresh PC build is one of the most satisfying emotions in the world. You will have a powerful machine that will function for a long time after hours of research and development.

Unfortunately, setting together that new PC may be somewhat stressful. Everything from compatibility concerns to user error can exacerbate the difficulty and cost of the procedure.

Fortunately, there are numerous tools available that make building a PC accessible to everybody.

Benefits of Building a Custom Budget PC

Long-Term Savings

Individually purchased components are usually of greater quality than bulk-ordered components used in pre-built systems. As a result, the computer will have a superior overall build quality and last longer. 

It’s a lot easier to fix

Because you are more familiar with each part, it is easier to determine when a component fails within a PC you created. Individual computer components frequently come with extra spare parts that aren’t included with pre-built PCs. Enhanced Quality in General

If you want to obtain peak performance, your self creativity is the need of the hour!

Building has its own drawbacks

An error by the user

Even the simplest human error can result in a broken pin or a snapped connection, resulting in the loss of expensive components. The good news is that you can find plenty of step-by-step guides to help you through the process.

Compatibility of parts

You could end up with a GPU that doesn’t fit in your case or, even worse, a motherboard that doesn’t support your CPU or RAM if you buy parts without checking compatibility. Just make sure to double-check compatibility before purchasing!

Builds for Gaming PCs on a Budget in 2022

You, must be the pro player who understands the needs related with your preferred choices. So, you can create the device in a better way by your own mind!

And, while some console gamers may claim that PC gaming is too expensive, the reality is that even on a tight budget, you can build (or buy) an affordable gaming PC that can give good performance in most games at 1080P resolution.

Gaming with Custom Budget PC

The expensive sources can only work if you got the budget. But if such a thing is not right for you then no need to worry!. You can select economic ways with price ranges like 590$ and $800.

Our Picks for the Best Low-Cost Gaming Computers

This article has granted a list by careful analysis. Yet, the listing here provides ideas with the six price ranges ($300, $400, $500, $600, $700, and $800). These builds can be used as-is or as a starting point for customizing them to your preference.

Each construction contains a “SEE PRICE » link next to each component that, when clicked.

Prebuilt gaming PCs are expensive

You do not need to construct your own gaming PCs. You will almost certainly pay more for such a computer due to the additional labor costs. This isn’t always the case, though. Best Buy, Cyber power, I Buy Power, Alien ware, and NZXT is the most popular retailers. 

What Should You Budget for Your First Gaming Computer?

Being persistent on exactly what you require is your best shot for finding that fantastic offer. Don’t be hesitant to demand that your first gaming PC be customized to your specific needs in order to get the most bang for your buck. Purchasing your first gaming computer may and should be a worthwhile investment.

What Is the Cost of the Lowest-Priced Gaming PC?

To get the most out of your gaming PC, you’ll need to invest at least $800 to play recent PC games. However, if your goal isn’t to play the latest releases but rather to relive your childhood, you might be able to get away with spending $400.

Standard pricing

Of course, at $400, you’re still paying more than a standard gaming console and won’t be able to play new titles. Unless you’re willing to spend at least $800 on a gaming PC, we wouldn’t recommend it. 


Depending on what you want to accomplish with it, a gaming PC can cost as much as $3,000 or even $4,000 to build. You may get away with paying as little as $1,500 for a high-end setup if you are ready to put together your own computer (depending on whether you need accessories like a monitor)

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