Clash of Clans shutting down in 2022

The Clash of clans shutting down!

The news regarding the clash of clans update seems to create a buzz over the internet. It not only involves various concerns, but it starts to upset the lovers of this game. This game is best for lovers of games like strategywar. This seems like something better or even something worse on the other side. So, all that exists, for now, are the rumors. Thus, let us proceed with the article to know more about this.

What is Clash of Clans?

This is a sort of Action game. This is more like a strategy war. By its history, we come to know that its developer involves a Finnish game by Supercell. Likewise, its release date is also different for iOS and Androids. The former date comprises August 2, 2012, while the latter date is October 7, 2013. 

The strategy of Clash of Clans

This game comprises a condition of strategy war. It thereby involves the theme of a fantasy world. Here all that exists is imagination. Thus, this continues for the rest of the game.

Following this, in this strategy war the player finds himself in a village, Here, he finds himself to be the Cheif. This thing continues and afterward, the existence of various tasks takes place. So, let us see the specific tasks of this game.

Tasks of Clash of Clans

One of the major tasks involves the building of one’s own village. For this purpose, different procedures exist as below.

  • Building by ownself
  • Earning rewards
  • Buying with assets
  • Making groups or clans
  • Attacking the opponent’s village

Building by ownself

The main purpose of this game like strategy war needs to involve the development of the village. For this purpose, it does not matter whatever it takes. So, following this approach a player can easily construct his own village. But in order to complete this task, he should fulfill the hectic and prolonged criteria.

Earning rewards

The earning of rewards is a popular method to help in the construction of the village. It helps to fulfill the task in an easy and compatible way. It comprises of performing some minor tasks. So, with the help of this an individual easily completes his major task.

Buying with assets

The task in the form of buying assets is an effective way to help with the strategy of the clash of clans. It follows to first make some earning by completing some minor tasks and then it helps a player to build up the village. Therefore, it helps to achieve the construction of the village.

Making groups or clans

This strategy war like the implementation of the clash of clans works better to continue the game on a long note. If a player wants to play on some higher levels of this game, this option works in a better way. It not only assists in the construction of the village on short notice. But, it also helps to provide opportunities for players for playing Clans war together.

Attacking the opponent’s village

This is the essential step for the strategy of the Clash of clans game. This follows the approach of strategy war. It comprises methods like killing, fighting, and destroying the opponent. It assists to get a hold over the opponent. Thus, it helps in a great way to complete the construction of the village.

Game with positive reviews!

The positive remarks play a dynamic role to assist in the better working of anything like a game. So, for Clash of Clans, the reviews are mostly on a positive note. Therefore, it gives an insight into the favoritism for this game.

Clash of Clans and Strategywar

Clash of Clans is more like a strategy war. As strategy war is all about the battle for a specific purpose. So, it follows in a similar way for Clash of Clans. Hence, in this game, we get to see a condition of strategy war in the form of tasks as well as the scenario of the battlefield. So, it clearly insists that is more like a strategy war thing!

So, a question arises that if this game is popular then why it gets to shut down in the upcoming year?

The answer to this involves the reasoning that relies upon the following facts.

  • Tweet by Clash of Clans Twitter
  • Comments by Supercell
  • An official statement by Clash of Clans official
  • Users facing the issues

Tweet by Clash of Clans Twitter

The tweeter account of Clash of Clans updates all the latest actions of this strategy war game. This also follows all the Clash of clans updates. Recently, it seems to post a tweet regarding the closure of this action game. Due to this the fact seems true regarding its closure.

Comments by Supercell

Clash of clans shows its development by Supercell. Recently, the viewpoint by one of the important members of Supercell arises concern in the gamers. These comments by Supercell, seem to be true regarding the rumor of the ending of the game.

An official statement by Clash of Clans official

We get to know some key information from the official statement of Clash of clans. On account of this, we get to know that the developers plan to shut down this game by January 5, 2022. Till then just wait and watch!

Users facing the issue

This thing seems more obvious when the users of this game start to face problems with their gaming applications. Thus, the following problems exist.

  • Account not opening-up
  • Deactivation status of the account

Account, is not opening-up

The news already exists about the closure of this game-like strategy war. But, it becomes more and more certain when certain things seem to take place. Likewise, the users face the issue of their gaming account to be not opening up, which strongly points towards its end.

Deactivation status of the account

Some users of this game, reportedly find the issue of status in the form of deactivation. Due to this, some users consider it to shut down soon while for some it is unbelievable, they can’t even think of it.

Ray of hope!

Though the facts greatly point towards the end of this game. But there are some other certain facts that strongly neglect them. So, let us see these facts.

A recent tweet by Clash of clans

Recently, Clash of clans‘ official tweeter page shows a statement, that asks the users of this game to update the game on the basis of their preferences. This measure figures out that this game can be there. But, it only asks the users to upgrade so there exists a ray of hope.

The success and profitability of this game

This game exists in the gaming world for since long. Its journey involves the hard work of many years of struggle. There exists a great love for this game in the public. On account of this, the gamers do not want it to shut down.

Yet, it also follows that the profitability status of this game exists in billion dollars which strongly points out its success.

Therefore, on the basis of the rumors, we cannot deny the facts that pinpoint its closure. On the other hand, we can not simply ignore the facts that state the reasons for its non-closure.

Thus following all the facts and figures we just have to wait till the termination date and till then let us just enjoy all the existing and upcoming rumors.

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