Screen times awareness for children

Living in to “the information age “ we move around information technology (IT). IT is all about using computers , mobile phones , and other kind of gadgets . Where the tools in IT are incredibly useful , they are addictive too. Factually IT has a strong affect on our lives. And the further discussion contains its influence on children’s lives.

What is screen time awareness?

Children now a days are occupied by IT based gadgets by birth. Then they grow up in the same environment and got stick to it. As initials the children got attached to screens seeing the use of computers, mobile phones , tablets etc in surroundings which later became an addiction.

Affects of screens on children

Screen addiction has been described as being just as powerful as a drug addiction and your child’s excessive screen usage could lead to more serious problems down the road. Commonly they face

eating and sleeping disorders, increased risk of obesity, lac of socializing capacity , chronic neck and back pain . Moreover their capability for emotional judgments, and mental and physical health are also affected .

How to minimize screen times for children

The matter can be resolved using some intelligent hacks which can satisfy both the parent and children and make them happy.

Help your child overcome their screen addiction by

placing limits ,

diverting them in alternate activities ,

increasing your involvement in their routines , etc .

Further they can be treated against the harmful aspects by teaching them the useful terms to use.

Personal interaction

To keep an eye on your child’s activities and to bring them up in the right way you will have to develop a strong connection with your younger one. You should have to spend more time with them to make them meet the world with your perspectives. In that way you may engage them in activities like

outdoor or indoor sports ,

giving a helping hand in household tasks ,

taking them to library ,

get them together with friends to hang out ,

talking to them about their hobbies ,

and the most important one is to give them the space to talk about their own likes and dislikes , allow them to pick for themselves a game or if they have ideas about any other activities.

Doing this will definitely make your kid confident and active to face the versatility of outer world.

Set limits to screen time

Now you might be concerned that your child will use the computer or other interactive media gadgets, while you are somewhere out . In that situation you can set limits. You can use the parental controls by allowing the selective websites or channels so that your child could have no access to them.

Check and balance

What if you are at home, and still worried about your child that what could he /she be doing with computer or mobile phones behind the closed door? Well there must be a check then. Which is possible in the most easier way if you only allow the screens in common areas like living room or den. If possible , try to have two computers . One for study purpose which might be blocked for every intentional entertainment and the other one for gaming , social media etc

Only having a check is not enough to deal with addiction problems . Screen times for your children must also be monitored.

Allowing a reasonable daily usage

In this technical age we cannot isolate the upcoming generation in no screen world. “Finding good in sufferings” lead us to introduce our children with useful aspects of screens. We can push to meet their interests with the technologies which they are willing to use.

Limit your child to use the computer for a maximum of two hours per day if they are over 2 years old. Children under 2 should not have access to any screen. Set a timer for the time period you allow so that the child get aware of the time. Allow this time only when your child is free from the homework or the other school related activities. In the initial stages you can allow some extra minutes apart from their regular time just to add an extra perk, but as they get older make the schedule strict and teach them to manage their computer timings whether they are playing some game or doing whatever else.

Positive aspects

Once a child is going to start running a computer or mobile phone , we can make this happen in profit. There are hundreds of applications and sites for kids and the older ones which teach them about almost every field of life. We can encourage them to learn through e learning , they can participate In educational contests online , they can share their own talents to be recognized world wide on social media , and they can learn to use apps and technologies which are ruling the world in upcoming era.

Ending note

On a final note technology is smart enough to meet our needs and ,we need to be smarter to handle this coming breeze with a new essence every time. Because making our children aware of black and white we are developing a new reign with acceptance and understanding differences with no confusions or personality clashes behind. So let’s Build a better world with a better brought up of our children.

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