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Which laptop brand is better to buy?

In the world of computers, people who searching for good laptop always consider many things to prefer. One of the top elements to consider while buying any laptop is Brand. Customer can assume a lot of information about the device just by looking at the brand name. weather the purchase is for enjoying online games like Drift-Hnters-Maz or getting it to done with professional or personal office tasks. Brand performs a lot in customer’s minds.

In the past few years there are many laptop manufacturers who strive hard to get in the market. But few brands that rise up in the competition while fulfilling customers need and wants. Among them the major two brands are HP and Apple. They conquered the computer world. And position their brands as the top competitors. Both the brands are now competing against one another and launching head-to-head laptops that customers facing difficulties to find a better one between HP and Mac laptops. If giving one the opportunity to buy a laptop. Which when should he prefer to buy HP or Mac? It is always a difficult option to choose. Because it has need to be explore the specifications and factors through which anyone can final his purchasing decision.

We are making things easier with the help of different comparisons. Following comparison will help you to find the right brand for you either to choose Mac or Hp.

Build and Design:

the very first point customers saw while buying laptop is the design and shape of the machine. Apple used aluminum material for making the body of laptops. It provides the strength in the body. While making it lighter in weight. The aluminum body provide a shiny finish to the laptop that appears cool. It’s also made the laptop thinner but tougher at the same time while comparing with Hp laptops. On the other hand, Hp use durable plastic material while using bodies of HP laptops.

If we compare the customers review, the biggest problems that Apple Macbooks are facing is, Apple is stick to almost same designs and same approach of manufacturing for many years. Its durable but seems boring and outdated for those customers who like to use laptops with new and fresher looks. Hp realize the importance of using the aluminum material and in the recent launches of HP laptops Envy 15 & 17, HP use the aluminum unibody chassis, also attaching gray or black colored lid. The Hp laptops take an advantage in better design while using absence of bezels around its display. Hp also use keyboards with back-lit. it provides Hp an advantage due to better look and strong framework.


while considering the overall performance and doing heavy-duty projects. The main features which are consider in mind are the hardware and build of the laptop rather than design of the machine. For people who want their laptops to perform outstanding, they prefer the build and performance of the laptop rather than its catchy and flashy design. There is always a tough competition between the two of the competitors HP and Apple. Both introduce major advance features and benefits to enhance their performance.

While testing both the brands for performance. Apple laptops slightly tend to lag. When the comparison is done with the HP laptops. For gamers, the best choice is no doubt than HP while comparing to Mac. HP laptops equipped with the fast processor, quality and reliable RAM, extendable hard drive, and most importantly good graphic cards for gaming. All of the combination allows gamers to enjoy even heaviest games on HP laptops. HP provide the most demanding specifications for running heaviest and recent games. Along with that HP laptops are also compatible with advance graphics cards available in the market. While apple laptops do not provide the same option. It makes the HP laptops the most attractive options for game lovers.

So, what we can assume from the comparison that Apple laptops are not performing according to the level? Definitely not. If you are an office lover, want to do quick task and want to product or edit some great music than you should go for Mac laptop. Although Apple laptops are not the good choice for video editing because Mac iMovie application does not contain enough professional features of video editing. But you can go with Mac for day-to-day office tasks.

Operating System

Before buying any laptop, a customer must consider the option of operating system. This option will determine the expectation of overall performance. It is not a big news and we all know that Hp laptops only operates with Windows while Apple laptop only operate on Mac OS. The latest OS X Lion is the operating system of new releases MacBook. The Apple Mac operating system feels to be complicated and not very common to use while comparing with Windows. If you tried Mac OS, you will better know that how it difficult to become familiar with Apple laptops.

On the other side, MS Windows is generally user-friendly and provide better interface and access to navigates in different option with an ease. Not only user-friendly but Microsoft Windows are compatible with most of the software as compare to Apple Laptop. Most of developers develop their software for MS Window as compare to MacBook. There is an option of Window Emulator, through which you can run programs on your Mac that were created for MS Windows. But still, you have to promise on performance.

In a general opinion Windows operating systems consider to be a better option as compare to Mac OS. So, if you are familiar with Windows OS, then go for an HP laptop. And if you are curious about stability, safety and security than Mac OS wins the race. The Mac has the beauty that it is somehow impossible to attack by virus or anyone can hack your files. While Window do not give the super safety option, although you can install an antivirus program to save your laptop from virus.


While comparing on price ranges HP takes the lead. HP provide you a good value for money. Apple MacBook are generally very expensive, and price tag make it less popular compare to HP laptops in certain and large group of peoples. While HP offers wide range of laptop with attractive features and affordable prices. And also giving the freedom to upgrade the laptops with nominal charges for better performance.

HP high-end laptops with excellent performance are goes around for $1000 roughly. Those laptops can provide a higher level of performance with very short time and without the fear of freezing, lagging, slowdown and poor delivery. While purchasing in the range of $1,000 laptop from Apple’s series of laptops, you will get an average MacBook. It would be good for heavy projects and professional use. Purchasing the same caliber of laptop from HP and Apple will cost you around $500 difference. Apple will cost you more than HP.

So, if you like to save some money and buy the best laptop with maximum features go for HP laptops. And if don’t consider the price tag and believe in a “brand” or “class” than you can go for Apple MacBook.

HP or Apple which one you decide to purchase?

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