Looking for Best laptop in 2022

Are you looking for light weight, fast and powerful laptops?

You are at the right place. We have arranged a list of best laptop you are searching for this year, from ultra light weight to high-powered portable editing machines. Everyone has their own mindset of best laptop. But some features that are under consideration for almost everyone are Prices, Brands variety, Speed, portability and weight. Here is the list of laptop that includes laptops from Business notebooks Windows 10, Chrome books, 2 in 1 convertibles and gaming monsters.


Our first pick in today’s list is MacBook Air. It’s an Apple’s flagship laptop that contains everything right. MacBook Air contains Apple’s M1-processor. With 8-GB RAM and 256-GB of hard drive space. The price is starting from $999. MacBook Air has 2560×1600 screen resolution, 720 pixel webcam, scissor-switch keyboard, fingerprint sensor and Touch ID. Apple continues to use the same appearance for this laptop as previous Laptops. That is Intel-powered MacBook Air release at the start of the year. The processor in the new release laptop is the faster one. While performing tasks like video editing and photo editing the new MacBook Air handle it successfully as compared to other Intel powered devices release in current year. We cannot say it’s the perfect device to use, but it does not have any major deficiency. It is one of the best pick for light gaming, browsing and productivity. 


This is the most advance and powerful machine apple build this year. Its price starts from $2,299. If you can bear the price, you will be able to see that what MacBook Pro can do, and you will definitely satisfy with the performance. While performing different tasks, that includes playback, export time and encoding. This device performs it very well than any other device available in the market. Only some other desktop PCs with higher end were able to perform same tasks as MacBook Pro did.

While configuring the MacBook Pro to M1-Pro processor it can last up to 16 hours on battery. It is somehow record shattering battery backup that any laptop can provide.  It’s come up with a big screen of 16 inches. MacBook Pro is able to reach 1000 nits while processing HDR-content. It’s come up with a smart speaker set of 2. That makes a beautiful combo with the display. MacBook Pro consists of many ports that allow it to connect with a 4K TV and maximum of three exterior displays simultaneously.

3. HP SPECTRE X360 14

The HP Spectre-x360 is known to be the best 2 in 1 laptop of this year. You will hardly find any complaint against this machine. It’s a premium feel and look, with a strong and beautiful framework build. The HP Spectre is start with the price tag of $1,520. It is beautiful to watch as well as delight to use for daily work operations. It’s come with the latest Intel processor of 11th generation and integrated graphics of Iris Xe. That makes it able to never freeze or slowdown.

Along with all the features and benefits it’s provide with an average battery life of 10 hours.  This indicates best battery results. As outside appearance HP Spectre come with a beautiful 3:2 display with FHD resolutions. While give the convenience of 1000-nit and OLED display options. This laptop comes up with a stylus that is magnetically attached to one of its side. Allow anyone to use this master-piece as a tablet. The laptop includes a comfortable and classic keyboard and a smooth and silky touchpad. Making it one of the best Window laptop anyone can buy.


If you are looking for best gaming laptop, you are witnessing the right laptop. The ASUS ROG is the best gaming device you can purchase this year. Regardless of webcam (which is not included) ASUS ROG is hard to beat by any laptop for its performance. It’s available in $1850. The weight of the laptop is just over four pounds. Which makes is lightest gaming laptop of 15 inch screen that anyone can buy.

ASUS ROG is consisting of 165HZ-QHD display powered by G-15 mobile chip which is offer by Nvidia and AMD. The system successfully handles the tasting of AAA titles on QHD resolutions. This is considering being the toughest AAA titles. ASUS ROG is build with a good keyboard and smooth touchpad. While audio sound quality is impressive. The highlighting features is that its battery charge in only half hour and work for a good eight hours. If you prefer high-end gaming machine this laptop is best for daily drive.

5. LG GRAM 17

If you are searching for a big screen machine with lightweight and best at price then definitely you will stop at LG GRAM 17 in 2022. LG GRAM 17 is having a 17 inches display.  If you ever use a lightweight machine before then wait for it. LG GRAM 17 will surprise you with its biggest screen of 17 inches and lightweight of just three pounds only. While picking it you will feel to hold nothing in your hands. LG GRAM 17 is available with the price tag of $1,500.

The weight and price are not the only prominent features. LG GRAM 17 comes up with some serious battery life. It’s last for over 12 hours in testing which is enormous. The beautiful slick design of keyboard makes it more adorable. While fans are quieter and processor is fast enough. Port selections are solid. If you love the Netflixing and daily office work, you will like this lightweight machine of with 17 inches screen.

6. HP ENVY X360 13

If you want a strong and compact build laptop with not spending a $1000. You will definitely love HP ENVY X360. It’s available in the price range of $820. HP ENVY X360 13 is a beautiful, strong and compact build laptop with chic convertible design offering outstanding performance. This laptop is consisting of many features of the HP 2019 flagship machine known as Spectre X360. It’s includes 88% Screen to body ratio with bezel free display. This laptop contains a beautiful touch screen. That is supported by HP‘s 2.0 MPP Pen. The screen is brighter and seems great. The keyboard is including with an additional row of hotkeys that is convenient to use. The AMD Ryzen-4000 processor provides a good gaming experience that is expected from such machines.

7. DELL XPS 13 2-IN-1

It’s a great 2 in 1 machine from Dell known as DELL XPS 13 2-IN-1. The laptop is available in the price range of $1600. If your need it about a 2 in 1 laptop that do everything right. Then this machine is for you. It has strong and firm framework, 16:10 bezel free touch display. It’s contain 11th generation Intel newest processor chip. The price is start from $1099. That includes 8GB Ram, Core i3 processor, 1920×1200 display and SSD of 256GB. You can customize the display, Ram, Processor and SSD as per your need.  Everyone has something here in this laptop. From a 2 in 1 touch screen with a updated webcam, microSD card reader, and RAM   have been upgraded from previous model.

You can play certain games on machine like, League of Legends, Rocket League and Shadow of Tom Raider with lowest settings. This makes the laptop attractive for beginning gamers. The laptop came up with limited port selection. Overall the laptop is consisting of fundamentals features like display, battery life, and performance and builds quality.

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