Best Examples of AI in our daily lives

You have heard about the very word “Artificial intelligence”. What is AI? And now it’s a hot topic in the computing industry and most in the research field. “But why did this field emerge in the world”? This was the question that had created a curiosity in computer scientists. And the result is that today we use it as our daily products. And in this article, I will tell you some examples of AI in our daily lives. The revolution of AI in the computing industry made our lives very easy. However, AI has purposed many solutions for scientists to tackle their problems.

 Nowadays, even a layperson uses AI without knowing. Most famous examples are Google and all kinds of social media. Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant all are proof of AI use and versatility in today’s life. Due to this, it is said that AI will be a bright future.

There are some prominent and major applications of AI are:


Automated Speech Recognition

Social Media  

Self-driving car


Online shopping



I don’t think so if you are reading that article and don’t know about google and WWW (World Wide Web). We usually use this application for web browsing on the internet. However, the question is how all searching is done? And how can we relate searching and AI? The algorithm or logic used behind all this is a sort of AI logic or utilization of AI.

 Well at the start WWW was just a collection of documents on different topics. But later on, two graduates of Sandford university” Sergey Brin and Larry Page “did some historical changes in WWW. They designed an algorithm that was based on the ranking of documents on the web. This means the highest-ranked document we see on the results page contains related information. The ranking is decided based on linked documents. This means that other than that document more documents also point to that document. We can say that document is linked to other documents.

Secondly, when we search for a particular word then we get suggestions from google or any search bar. This all happens just because of the smart algorithm.

Automated Speech Recognition

You have seen or maybe used some applications which can listen to your voice and convert it into words or make it a full speech. There are some digital devices or even laptops or PCs where we use that application to make our lives easy. In such applications of software, some AI technologies are used. Which are NLP (Natural processing language), ML (Machine learning), and deep learning. By using all technologies, devices listen to human speech and by using its smart AI logic it recognizes the words and then transforms them into text. It is one of the best examples of AI in our daily lives. Another example is, searching by using the microphone on your phone which converts your speech into text. For Example, Alexa, Siri, and Google assistant.

Furthermore, these are trained in different voices.

Social Media 

In our daily lives, we use a lot of social media apps. For entertainment purposes or something else. In all apps, all the processing is being done by AI. Let’s take Facebook which gives you different friend suggestions by monitoring your activities and your contact list. Facebook monitors or checks your friend list and then suggests different people, whom you may know. The same goes for Instagram .it also suggests you follow different people.

Secondly, on YouTube, you get suggestive downloads and related shows and videos. When you search for a video all your data is stored to help you in the future. By examining your activities, you get different related content on your account. It not only keeps track of your account but also other related accounts on your phone.

Thirdly, Snapchat uses face recognition in filters.

Self-driving car

Just think about it a car driving without a driver or human being. Well, that sounds crazy but yes on today’s date it is possible. This is all just because of AI. Autonomous a car that drives like traditional cars but the difference is that it does not need any driver or human help to drive. In such a car sensory information is used. Different sensors are used to navigate through the path.

Sensors help in sensing the path to check any hurdle and where to take a turn and many more. These are going to change the future. With such technologies, many hurdles and problems of human beings will be solved.

No, still they are not available in the market to sell. But it can be predicted that the future of such cars will be bright. Whether they are dangerous or not can’t be decided yet. But we can hope for the best. Tesla and Cruise are car companies that are making huge progress in that field.


You have seen it in hospitals and manufacturing companies’ robots doing work. They are just designs of human beings that are then converted into machines that work like human beings. These machines are designed and trained for a particular task. Every robot is responsible for doing something unique. Like in a café shop, it should be trained in such a way that it can respond to orders accurately.

Robots are mostly used in car manufacturing industries and in such industries where work for human beings can be dangerous. And for very complicated tasks they are used nowadays in hospitals. Areas where different dangerous but important reactions take place. However, these reactions can be not good for a human being. The reason for using robots is their ability to do work very accurately. They do work constantly without any break by their proper maintenance.

Sophia is a big success in this field which is the first social humanoid robot. It is said that in the future rule may be taken by robots which is not a good thing for human beings. But this cannot negate the benefits of robots.

Online shopping

When you do shopping online you must get some suggestions about different products. This happens because when you do shopping your data is stored very smartly on websites. Next time they use that data to help you to choose the products that suit you best. Different brand ads and suggestions you get. It can be one of the best examples of AI in our daily lives.

Like Amazon and Alibaba do their marketing according to saved data. It is the best tool for marketing a brand or product.


You can check the deficiency of nutrients in the soil by using AI. For this purpose computer vision and deep learning is used. It can also tell where the seed is growing. AI robots also help in harvesting crops on a very large scale. In labs, they are used for research purposes.


With the fast revolution of AI, it is mostly predicted that if Robots will become smarter than human beings then they can destroy us. But it depends upon use. Other than that by using Robots on large scale, we are decreasing human labor also which is not good for people.

Because a decrease in jobs for people may create social problems and crimes. Which leads to a hectic environment. Secondly, now human being is so dependent on machines that they are becoming lazy day by day. Then they caught different diseases.

By all such points, we cannot negate the benefits of AI and its involvement in our lives.

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