Do I Really Need an Anti-Virus?

What is an antivirus software?

Antivirus is a type of software especially design for detecting, blocking, and removing harmful software or applications from network or computer. Antivirus software is a recommended layer of cyber-security for network or computer. It is also known as the first line of protection to the system. That restrict the harmful software to penetrate deep into the system. It is not only protecting the system but also restrict harmful software to spread into the system.

Do we really need an Antivirus Software?


Hackers are those people who illegally and silently intervein into anyone’s system. They steel valuable data and use that important data without any permission. They use to sell this personal data for money, as well as they use this sensitive data for purchasing. For example, steel some browsing history from a customer, who is normally buying things with his debit card. On the time of purchasing the customer provide his sensitive data to browser and hacker steel that data and use for different mean. First they sell customer’s personal information to different people or shop different things with fraud using hacked data until reach the credit card to zero score. They can also drain valuable bank accounts. And leave the person in very bad situation.

The least you can do to be on safer side is find a good antivirus and add it to your computer system. According to some analysis between November 2019 to May 2020, as a whole, Antivirus software are successful to stop 95% of attacks that were tried on system. The analysis shows a significant success rate and build an overall satisfactory impression on antivirus software.

Windows are fighting continuously against viruses that is designed to attack harmful effects on operating systems. And making those attacks deny successfully. As we know that Antivirus software are the first layer of defense. For the very first time Window 10 is equipped with its own antivirus software that is include in its operating system. Window 10 is presenting antivirus with the name of Microsoft Defender. It is a very good option and offering basic protection features. Users trust it without any doubt. But if you need security with some advance and smarts features beyond the basic protection then go for any paid version of a good antivirus. A good antivirus will cover all your needs.


We have a misconception about Apple devices that Apple devices and its operating systems are not able to be affected by any threat, virus or any other harmful software attacks. This concept was true for two long decades. With the time passed Apple’s products get popularity and a huge number of people start using Apple devices. As the number of user increase there is an increase in cybercriminal interest for designing malware and viruses for Apple systems. This ultimately increase the number of virus attacks that can bypass the toughest Apple operating systems, reaching directly to web-portals and different application. And arising risk for computer systems.

There are different methods to protect yourself from virus attacks, like installing anti-virus and anti-malware applications. improving your device passwords, using some good VPN, and setting multiple-factor device authentication.

What is the cost of Antivirus Software?

While there are many antiviruses software available and almost all the software provides some of the basic features for free. But for getting maximum protection and availing most advance features the best option is a paid version of antivirus software. Paid subscriptions offer some of the advance features like password management, parental control and providing VPN. Different software offers different subscription packages ranging from $20 to more than $100 annually. The price range depend upon the number of devices, number of licenses, and different type of features.

Is it good to buy an antivirus software?

Over the passed many years AV software improve significantly and introducing many smart and user-friendly features. Different companies are providing many features to its users for free of cost in basic packages. And now as we state above that Window 10 already launch their built-in antivirus software for users. Window defender is working greatly and providing many important features. If you need some of the basic features like detecting harmful software, preventing your computer from virus attacks and scanning your PC for any virus? Then free versions are good. Because free versions are providing all these features without any cost.

However, if you need advance features like identity protection, VPN services, parental control, password manager, multiple device log-in and protection, and web-browsing protection? Then paid version of AV software are the best option. As of now, most of the people are remotely working and spending most of their time on web-browsing, similarly using same one pc for personal and official use increases the risk of attacks. For all these reasons a good AV software ‘s paid version is the best solution.  

Antivirus Vs Antimalware

Viruses are some types of harmful files that are design in such a way that can replicate and spread themselves. On the other hand, malware is a type of malicious code that is design to damage a network or computer. Every virus is a malware in nature, but not every malware is a virus.

Antivirus software build a signature database of viruses. And any file coming to operating system matching the signature database declare as a virus and treat accordingly by antivirus software. As viruses are updating regularly and new viruses are designing by hackers. Antivirus should also need to be updated on regular basis.

Malware are dedicated codes to harm the computers. That is why antimalware software are some of the sophisticated coded software to detect any unknown malware code. The AV software and AM software accept each other. That is why some of the AV software has built-in antimalware. But both are different software and both the software are needed to protect your operating system.

What is the best Antivirus software?

The antivirus has a large growing market and there are many hundreds of different type of antivirus software available with different solution. We examined around 20 best popular antivirus solution available in the market. Software that are the choice of most of the users. Providing easy to use interference and user-friendly options.

Along with antivirus protection we analyze software for providing different other features like ransomware protection, antimalware options, operates on different operating systems and providing multiple device protection. We are giving references to those software, that are offering free version. Along with that we consider those software which have good and user-friendly interference and important features.

Some of the best antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus:

Bitdefender antivirus plus is one of the good options for complete protection and it is providing excellent features.

Webroot Secure Anywhere for Mac:

if you are using iOS then Webroot is an excellent option for you, its completely know the nature of your operating system and provide good results.

Trend Micro Antivirus plus Security:

if you are able to spend some good amount on antivirus then Trend-Micro antivirus is an excellent antivirus. It is providing great features in premium subscription.

Norton 360 with LifeLock:

if you are using a Window device and looking for a premium software then Norton 360 with LifeLock would by your choice. It is providing some of the coolest features for Window.

McAfee Antivirus Plus:

If you are using multiple devices with different operating systems then McAfee is a unique option providing same features for both Window and iOS. On a single paid version, you can protect your different devices.


Malwarebytes is best software for Malware scanning and protecting your PC.

If you want to know about these antiviruses in detail, we have a separate article written on “Top antivirus available in 2022”. You can check it.

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