Facebook Whistleblower says Governments must check if the company really does Scrap face recognition:

Facebook is a social media platform that is quite popular for its various features. Yet this platform continues to update its features for the time being. Yet recently it faces a Facebook whistleblower incident.

It keeps on bringing about improvements and continues to step forward with advanced technology.

But, along with the technology and its updates, this platform keeps on getting controversies. The controversies show up to be linked with racism, features, and some updates that are not liked by the public.

The incident of Facebook whistleblower and scrap face took place on October 2021.

Arising controversies like Scrap baby

Hence, talking about the controversies, in recent time this application is under news for its new feature that seems to be disliked and there also involves some privacy concerns.

The recent issue that occurs involves Scrap face recognition.

This makes the Government authorities provide notice to Facebook authorities. This specific thing resembles the scrap baby in terms of privacy concerns.

Therefore, on the basis of this issue, various concerns of a country are affected. This consists of security issues, public information, and country’s privacy matters.

Thanks to Facebook Whistleblower who raised her voice.

Therefore, after getting complaints against it the Government has to ask the Facebook management about this.

Conclusion to be expected

So, the Government authorities gathered up and put forward a conclusion. As a result of this conclusion, everybody put up a decision to ask the Facebook Whistleblower about it.

Apparently, this issue shows up to be a rumor. But it continuously takes up new twists and turns.

This happens because of the fact that this social media network never accepts its fault. This issue that shows to be like a scrap baby is getting out of hand.

After a lot of criticism, the Government has to finally ask the Facebook Whistleblower. She shows up after the Government continuously exerts pressure.

Facebook Whistleblower

As a result of her showing up the issue seems to get resolved.

The Facebook Whistleblower first analyzed the whole situation keenly and then granted a decision. As this issue resembles the scrap baby so there might be concerns about this.

The analysis took time before the final answer to this concern. 

The name of the Facebook Whistleblower is Frances Haugen. So she advocates for this particular issue that resembles a scrap baby.

So, who is a whistleblower?

A whistleblower is a person who knows secretly about something confidential. The whistleblower might be anyone, a man or a woman.

Anyhow, this individual is regarded to be the important element of any issue. This person gets the spotlight if he wishes to do so.

The main purpose of a whistleblower seems to either get famous or get a lot of money for providing evidence.

Comments of Facebook Whistleblower

The statements of Facebook Whistleblower are a ray of hope for this issue like Scrap baby. So, now let us continue to know more and more.

Who is Frances Haugen?

Well, she is the individual who shows up to reveal many concerns. The concerns that are related to Facebook. She is the sole whistleblower. The whistleblower is under the spotlight for providing secret information about Facebook. This person is a data scientist, engineer, product manager, and whistleblower.

There is news that made her famous for her act in providing secret information about Facebook. She reveals it to the security department and Wall street journal in 2021.

This Facebook whistleblower has initiated a spark.

Hence, in this case, she shows up to speak some words on this issue. She just presents not only the comments but also some important evidence.

So, Frances Haugen steals the spotlight for Facebook Scrap face recognition issue.

Comments of Frances Haugen

Although the Facebook whistleblower revealed tons of information, let us have a look at her popular comments that are circulating over the various Social networking sites.

I strongly encourage Government oversight”

Frances Haugen

For the answer of giving some comments on Facebook, she said.

What do they mean when they say that they have gotten rid of this. There should be a clear statement and privacy updates must get clear”.

Frances Haugen

At some other point, Facebook Whistleblower said.

A place like Europe can act as an example to respect every other language other than English. Yet Facebook just focuses upon English and they do not have any concern with any other language and its privacy concerns.”

Frances Haugen

Further, she added.

Government must check if the company really does Scrap face recognition

Frances Haugen

On another point, she put forward some comments that resemble scrap baby.

There is a need to look for privacy concerns especially for platforms like Facebook and I’m glad that the government has taken notice of that. Platforms like Facebook are well known and they must introduce better security updates to make their network better and secure”.

Frances Haugen

Scrap face recognition and Scrap baby following the Facebook Whistleblower

This issue is the talk of the town, it somehow resembles the Scrap baby. Scrap baby is a scary one. As babies are considered to be cute. But this character is a scrap baby or a scary baby. 

It just ruins the innocent nature of kids.

Likewise, this issue turns out to be a scrap baby kind, as it not only violates the privacy matters of the public but it also brings about hate speech.

Facebook is known for bringing about the hate speech issue in the form of some racial hatred. So, in this issue, this thing seems similar. 

This social media platform has been warned many times but still, it comes up with this issue from the general public.

Scrap face recognition can lead to many privacy concerns. Likewise, it can bring about hate in the general public. 

If this issue gets out of hand, not only the public gets to be affected but there seems to be a decrease in the popularity of Facebook.

This cannot be done if the Facebook whistleblower is not there!

Therefore, in the case of that condition, Facebook has to experience many complications. These complications can be both publicly and on a Government note.

These complications are of the following types.

  • Government based
  • Public based

Government based

In case of Government based complications, Facebook can experience a complete ban. A single-day ban shows up to decrease its market value so think about a yearly ban. This network shows great fame in public so there should be policies accordingly.

Public based

In case of Public based complications, Facebook can turn out to face a decrease in market value. If this happens there can be less market value, defame, and less support from the public.

Imagine, getting the users to get lower in a single instant. This can cause a lot of complexities.

Things like scrap baby can be managed up!

Yes, you heard it right, everything has a proper solution so is the case where there is not anything that cannot be solved. So, for this issue, easy solutions are there residing. Such solutions are as follows.

Improvement in policies

Facebook needs to put an eye on what it is doing. For the public, anything that matters is its privacy. 

So, in order to get a better name, there must be better policies. These policies should be free from any kind of violation.

Resolving hate speech issue

In its posts, Facebook should improve the content quality. There should be a complete check and balance upon hate speech. 

Facebook must improve only those posts that are public-friendly. Furthermore, there should be a complete notice over the scrap baby alike issues just like racism and hate speech.

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