Can Google news bring back with the new Spain’s law!

What is Google News?

Google is the global search platform. Its feature on Google news makes it a considered thing. One can get to know the latest happenings of the world within the blink of an eye.

If a news item is featured on Google News then it gets popular in an instant. This process comprises best explanations and other factors. Yet there also implies a specific fee in order to make it achievable!

Recently, an issue has been reported in Spain that relates to Google News. This issue was first started in 2014 but now it again rises up in Spain. 

So, a question arises that why Spain doesn’t need Google news?

This question owes the following explanation.

Google news has a popular name when it turns into a global news network. So, it was featuring famous news on its global site without charging a single penny. 

Yet since 2014, Google has added additional charges for Google News. It implies to every country in a different ratio. 

But as it gets to increase some countries agreed over it and some didn’t. So, among the ones who didn’t agree was Spain. 

Spain did not give its consent to the change by Google News. So, Spain agreed to not use its feature. Hence, in Spain Google News was not workable. 

But, now in 2021, News are rumoring around the world that Google news gets to be available in Spain as a new agreement has been signed.

In this concern a question was hovering over Google that states the following statement:

Who should get paid when there are big tech platforms contributing to the news?

This was uttered during the conflict back in 2014. Google was really offended by this statement by Spain. This led to a serious online war between the two.

The online conflict between Spain and Google News

These online complications were turning out to be the worst in between the two. Hence, talking about Spain, this country strictly follows its own “Spanish Law’.

This law in Spain makes the people of Spain consider their own thing. This approach has led them to deny the changes made by Google News.

On behalf of which Google News stopped working for Spain. Anyhow this situation sets to be better if we talk about the future.

Business model by Google News

When the conflict between Google News and Spain got famous, then the countries that did not support this new scheme started to gather up.

There were many viewpoints that were given by different countries. Yet the ones that get famous are the following.

“Why should we get paid, when there are other popular publishing sites?”


Another statement has the following comment.

There is a business model approach behind this all. Google is following this strategy and the benefits are there. There is benefit in it to Google and its kin”.


One statement that gets to be popular is the following.

The economies have started realizing the business behind this. There is no understanding why a need arises to pay for your own news?”. Though if the need is there then the price must be kept in range”


Concerns between Europe’s Media industry and big tech

Both of the counterparts are always seen as a mess. Both do not support each other as well as their strategies. The media companies are strictly against this situation. 

Therefore, resources support the fact that there can be a messy situation. In this situation, both parties can affect each other.

It is a sort of Digital war. So, in this era of digital technology, there is a strong need to avoid such a mess. 

But here it gets worse as time passes by.

As Europe is bound by freedom for everything. Hence, there is a need to raise awareness of the conflict between the two.

Both of the opponents disagree with each other’s behavior. If one says the working to be a business strategy then the other regards it to be fake journalism.

So, this needs to stop. But, let us see how far this situation goes!

Copyright act by different countries for Google News

This Act or Directive means a lot to the ones who suffer from this issue. Particularly, for European countries, this is something serious. 

This thing shows up as Google tends to add up charges for the services!

Different European countries support their freedom to a high level. They do not want any interference.

Likewise, in this situation, Belgium and Germany showed up. Both support this Copyright act to stop this situation.

So, what is this copyright directive or Copyright act?

The copyright act was first initiated in the early 70s by Great Britain. This law means protecting the work done by different authors.

In the past, this law was meant to be great for writers. This is only the concept of book writers. Surprisingly, even there was no concept of content creation.

All there was just books and newspapers. The writers needed to protect their paperwork.

But, this was done for book writers at that time.

So, as a result of which this law was passed. This law safeguards the rights to a great level. Hence, it shows the power of this law. 

As this law is in demand until now

Talking about the 20th century, this is something serious. It greatly protects the work done by the content creators.

So, for that, this thing supports the condition of various media industries. However, European countries have great favoritism for this law.

Hence, they seem to seek great support from this law. Furthermore, it can help to bring about a great revolution.

New Spain Law

As a result of the ongoing situation, there are rumors regarding New Spain Law. This is specific to the conflict between both parties. Following are its basic key points.

  • To safeguard the rights of the Media industry
  • Working for the betterment of Spain and its law
  • Introducing reforms for European countries
  • Supporting the European countries fully
  • Raising voice against this particular issue
  • Working to prevent such situations in future

This law is not passed yet. But, the future shows that it can be happening anytime. So, if it takes place then there will be a new technological revolution accordingly.

Ray of hope for Spain

Recently, News has started to appear in favor of this conflict. But the positive ones are residing now.

Google seems to resolve this conflict between Google News and Spain. Hence, it follows that publishers in Spain and Google news will follow certain clauses.

These clauses will be set by the two parties. Yet these are all the rumors for now.

But this all follows some points of truth as well. Because a statement has been passed in a News Channel.

Spain is totally independent. Even, it can totally abandon Google News. But, resources strongly predict that Google News does not want to do so.

So, with Google News, Spain is their great consideration. They really want to resolve this issue by hook or by crook.

Google News wants to resolve the issue. In accordance with a statement, this is a good step to settle the matter.

Otherwise, there is no need to take it to higher levels, as it might affect the two.

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