Google to allow third-party app payments for the first time in South Korea

Google is looking for ways to introduce third-party app payments for South Korea. There arises a great need to look into this issue.

So, this article will provide insights specifically related to it.

South Korea is one of the technologically advanced countries in the world. It has shown many advancements for almost every field like science, arts, and the latest technology.

But talking about the law and order situation of South Korea, a different situation exists.

South Korea is known for its technological advancements, yet its amendments for laws are having a quite different and strict picture.

Although the entire world shows a good system when it comes to payment methods. But, when it comes to South Korea there is a different scenario.

South Korea has restrictions in a strict manner for law enforcement. Hence, the people of this region have to face difficulty in online payments. This thing exists for the first time in South Korea.

Can anyone imagine a thing like this in this modern era?. This thing sounds weird to exist for the first time in any part of the world.

In order to conclude a positive outcome in this aspect, Google South Korea news put forward a news article in this aspect.

According to this news, there seems to get a new law that is meant to be imposed specifically for a specific country.

The following highlights seem to be observed in this case.

“The decision of the National Assembly is our topmost priority. Though we respect this law, still we are keen to respond to this new law. It is the need of the hour to respond to this new law. In this aspect, the developers should be considered too. This app billing system is introduced. It shows a kind of innovation. This innovation for the billing system seems to show a positive impact. So, for the billing system, South Korea has supported a collaboration. “

Korean News Channel

This shows the statement by Google.

Special Discount by Google to South Korea

It is famous that Google charges a fee or distribution fee for its apps. So, it is obvious for South Korea. Google normally charges a 15% fee for this kind of service.

But for South Korea, Google has shown a discount. This discount gets to be about 11%. This just happens because of the alternate billing system. So, Google exhibits a change for it.

Therefore, there should be extra added charges. But here just the charges for this individual system exist.

Otherwise Google does not charge extra for its services.

Korea’s Communications Commission seems to be a part of this particular pledge. It introduces a system involving communications. It makes sure that there are some alternate billing options in the past. But, now there seems to get a solution. As for now, it shows the following points.

  • It might not involve the protection
  • It shows to involve a separate billing system which is specific for the users of South Korea

What is KCC or Korean commission of communication

This commission or Korean commission of communication was laid in the early 90s. This is the commission responsible for various operations of South Korea.

This commission makes it sure to look for communication and public relations matters. This commission has shown great success for its work.

The Government of South Korea also considers this commission as an essential part of its governance.

Chairman of KCC

The chairman of KCC is Han Sang-hyuk. 

This chairperson has numerous achievements under his cap. This individual has done quite better work in every field. The commission to which he works is renowned for his leadership. Though he seems to be a well-educated person yet so is the case with his achievements.

Achievements of Han Sang-hyuk

The achievements are passing companies, music projects, and better communication projects with other countries.

The chairman for KCC or Korean commissions of communication Han Sang-hyuk. This person seems to be an important figure in this case, yet his viewpoints show the following statement.

“ Google’s determination to impose this law has been solved. Now we can see a new change in the future. The team of Google shows to bring about innovation in the system. There can be some difficulties but now everything seems to get resolved with time being.”

KCC Chairman

Specifically, for Apple which is operating individually in South Korea something more is observed. This comprises some modifications for various strategies.

The strategies are thereby becoming more innovative. In order to go for it, one must consider the Google policies too.

So, South Korea and its government have also taken notice of this too.

Hence, KCC seems to get involved with it. The payment methodology along with the billing system gets to be completed

This payment system has been a problem for citizens for a long time. Many complaints have previously been registered by the citizens. There are a lot of complaints about this particular problem with the billing system.

So, for this reason, there arises a serious need to go for it.

In order to fully cooperate with it, this country seems quite serious. Now it is the need of the hour to see if something gets better.

Previously, in past, this state is rumored to be strict in its law. The law and order situation is quite serious. So, in order to go for that origin, you should take a look at its laws too.

So, there arises a twist.

Hence, the need of this hour resembles the matter in this aspect 

For this, some improvements get to be there.

Improvements for South Korea billing system

  • A new advancement is soon be getting there
  • New system of billing gets to observe for South Korea
  • South Korea is not ready for this new change in law. But thing gets to be better for such a method of innovation
  • In order to complete the billing process first time in South Korea a new revolution is residing
  • By this innovation many new and better changes are soon to be there for South Korea

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