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Is there any difference between artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotics? What are they? Why are they so confusing terms? Why they are considered one? We will discuss all of these questions in this article. So here we will learn about AI versus Robots.

These are the two terms that are always mixed up and sometimes taken as one. Both of them have different advantages and are used for various reasons. It is important to know about these terms because we have a future where these things will be common.

When these two phrases are presented most people consider them as one or part of the other. And further confusion was raised when the use of the word Robot was boosted in the last years.

So now we will discuss the complete details about these terms which will clear out all the confusion and make things easier to understand. Let’s discuss two different fields one by one and thoroughly.


Artificial intelligence is a software technology that makes a robot or computer act and thinks like a human.


Examples of human intelligence are

  • Speech recognition
  • Decision-making
  • Visual understanding
  • Translating different languages

These are features of human intelligence that artificial intelligence may acquire through software technology. Artificial is machine learning.

In common man’s language, AI is the brain while Robotics is the body. Robots have subsisted without AI in the past. Without Robots, AI can not be enforced.

Is artificial intelligence and robotics similar?

Robotics and artificial intelligence are two distinct things. Robotics involves manufacturing robots whereas AI involves programming intelligence. Some developed software robots may even contain AI algorithms. The examples of artificial intelligence are

  • Maps and Navigation
  • Text Autocorrect
  • Digital Assistants
  • Social Media

Who is the creator of artificial intelligence?

John McCarthy is the creator of artificial intelligence. He founded it in 2006 just five years before his death. Lisp is the first AI programming language developed by John McCarthy. Lisp is established on mathematical function theory and lambda abstraction. The best language for programming in Python. Python is still the most powerful language that you can read. It is formulated in 1991. Python is the choice of developers’ programming language for creating AI solutions.

What Is Robotics?

Robotics is the field of study where we learn and understand the different kinds of robots. It is just like the different fields we have in sciences like Botany, zoology, Ecology, and many others. It comprises the mechanical and electrical engineering as well as software engineering of physical robots. It may also include the ideology, morality, and other concepts about the use and application of robots. The term robot implies real robots. It is a physical thing. There are different kinds of robots for different purposes.

Robots are an outcome of robotic fields which can work or work like human beings. Now many different kinds of robots can be seen around us. I think that in the coming future, robots will be seen in every field as well like in restaurants, schools, hospitals, etc.

Five Types of Robots

There are five different types of robots and every robot is different from others because of its programming. All types are discussed below

Pre-programmed Robots

Pre-programmed robots employ in a temperate environment where they do simple, ordinary assignments. An example of pre-programmed robots is the robots used in manufacturing
cars in most automobile factories
all around the world.

smart robotic in agriculture futuristic concept, robot farmers (automation) must be programmed to work to spray chemical, fertilizer or increase efficiency, growing a seed, harvesting, reduce time

Humanoid Robots

Humanoid robots are robots that look like human beings and copy human behavior. These robots usually do human-like actions like running, jumping, and carrying objects, and are sometimes designed to look like real human beings even having human facial features and moods.


Popular Humanoid Robots Examples Are

  • Nao
  • Petman
  • Robear
  • Pepper
  • Sophia

Autonomous Robots

Autonomous robots are those which can perform independently without human operators. These robots are usually constructed to perform duties in free settings that do not require human control. They are different because they use detectors to recognize the world around them, and then assign decision-making structures to take the next step based on their data and purpose.

Robot Maid Holding A Tray And Serving Food And Drink In Modern Domestic Kitchen With Blurred Background. Artificial Intelligence And Smart Robotics Concept.


  • Self-driving cars
  • cooperative output assistants
  • socially-enabled household robots

Teleoperated Robots

Teleoperated robots are semi-independent robots that use a wireless system to stimulate human control from a stable distance. This robot usually works in severe geographical conditions, temperature, conditions, etc. Examples of teleoperated robots are several industrial robots like the PUMA 560.
The space shuttle’s Remote Manipulator System is another example of a teleoperated robot.
Human-controlled submarines.

Augmenting Robots

Augmenting robots are one of those types that enhances human abilities or replace the capacities a human may have missed. Robotics for human augmentation is a field where sci-fi could become reality. The most popular example of an augmenting medical tool would be a prosthetic leg or arm. Modern prosthetics can be complicated electronic machines that learn to react according to the brain indications sent by the patient’s brain.


There is also a lot of ongoing study on assembling prosthetic limbs that can be incorporated with the brain in such a way that they will respond to the patient’s feelings, just like a normal arm. The DEKA Arm is one of the most progressive editions of this type of prosthetic.

Is robot software assumed robotics?

A software robot is a widespread type of computer program which performs tasks independently, such as a web crawler. Software robots only occur on the internet and have no physical bodies. It is not wrong to say that they only live within a computer so they are not considered robots because to be in the category of a robot, a device must have a physical form.

These two terms seem small but have enfolded sea in them. They are so vast fields that can not be discussed in one article. However, the difference between the two terms is discussed enough to understand them.

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