Technology Vs Children

5 Negative Impacts & Solution

We are here with a series of articles about Technology, its good impacts as well as its bad impact on us and on our children. And most importantly solutions for these problems. So be we us around and you will definitely find these articles useful.

Just look around into your environment you will see technology everywhere. Actually, from everything small to large technology is involved. Everything that you can see even fit in your hands or pocket to everything that flying in air like plane are outcome of technology. Technology comes with many eases and facilities most of time, and help us to do our tasks quickly and easily. Mobile phones, personal computers, tablets, video games, laptops and so on… our daily life is enclosed by technologies. Technology is using by people in every age from children to youth and to elder people. It is using everywhere, from home to school, from shops to factories and from market place to grounds.

As technology is everywhere, our children are using it very frequently. As a result, our children are learning most of things that even we do not even think about it. This is an impact of technology, positive or negative we will try to know that in this article.  

We know that excess of anything have bad outcome too. Same is the case with technology. Overuse of technology have serious outcomes in children’s life. If we want that our children take the good advantage of digital devices, we have to observe our children while using smart devices. Parents need to pay attention to some of the issues children may face while using technological devices.  We are dividing the issues into 5 major negative impacts which need parent’s attention.

Social Skills and Relationship Issues

Children are using smart phone devices more frequently as compared to previous years. And it will be not wrong to say that children are now addicted to such devices. Children are spending more time on devices instead of spending time with family and friends. They are mostly likely to connected virtually with friends. Sharing photos and text most of the time instead of meeting in person. The generation of today is growing up mostly with playing video games online, searching different websites, sharing pictures and videos on different social media apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp and Instagram and making online presence on Facebook. We will not say that spending much time online is a negative thing. But imagine that spending a lot of time online can weaken the relationship between children and their parents. It is also affecting the social role and skills of children.

Health Problems

 The excesses amount of usage of smartphone can be harmful for adult and dangerous for kids’ health. Increase in mobile usage will decrease the overall physical activities of children. Watching videos or playing video games are not only the problem, these activities are combined with eating unhealthy snacks. Result in obesity and other health related issues. Children spending much time in couch to watching screens and lesser time playing outside and burning their calories. Ultimately these practices lead to weight gain problems.

To overcome such issues and becoming it a habitual routine, parents must observe and talk to their kids about these issues. Along with those parents can use different Screen-Guide Apps to control and duration of screen watching and quality of content children watching. It is essential to maintain balance between time spends playing in grounds and watching digital devices.  

Children must be address about using their time rightly. Time for playing games online and time for playing games in ground.  Balance is more important between the two.

It Can be Dangerous to Browse

We may face many harmful things during online browsing such as, viruses, phishing, disguise advertisement and so many other things. Most of the people know that how to avoid such type of phishing, viruses, mis-leading advertisement and other un-wanted things. But what about kids? Did they know how to avoid such things? Un-wanted advertisement can easily harm the children. A research study from 2005 find that 70% of teens between 15 to 17 ages are accidently fallen across pornography online. So, what will be that ratio today?

The children may get the permission to go online and hunt for anything they want. But this should be done with the right observation. While monitoring children will not be able to distract and fallen into unwanted sites, and unwanted people. We should know that we are able to guide and monitor our kids to avoid any danger.

The best way to help our children to be on the safe site during online searching is using during parental control apps as well as different search filtration apps. Which may easily block unwanted searches and show only those sites which you think is better to watch.

Excess Use of Device Reduces Sleep Quality

Yes, spending much time in front of screens can badly impact on sleep quality. According to research that more than 70% of children are witnessing at least one device using in their bedrooms. This badly impact on children’s quality of sleep. And there are many harmful links between sleep environment, using of digital devices in bedroom and sleep quality and quantity.

There are many evidences available that overuse of mobile phones reduces the overall quality of the sleep. We see that our children are taking less sleep as compared to the recommended sleep. Our brain needs proper quality and quantity of sleep. But absence of good amount of sleep has dangerous outcomes on our body and brain. When we go to sleep, our brain does some tasks or we may call it “housekeeping”, such as clearing and cleaning things from our memory. As well as restoring our nerves network to work again for another day. But lesser sleep or bad quality of sleep may disturb such activities and we struggle to do our next day jobs.

We need to help our children to get good sleep. For such reasons we can talk to children about the good and bad of using devices. We can also reduce and balance the watch time with the help of Parental Controlling apps and Screen Guide apps. Proper and balance time for watching mobile phones will increase sleep quality.

Smartphone is the Hurdle Between You and Your Kids

Did you notice that how many times you pick your smartphone and check notification? For how many times in a while did you check your Facebook, WeChat, Instagram or WhatsApp when you are around with your kids?

Well honestly speaking, we do it often on regular basis. Because smartphones are good devices to overcome boredom. But checking smartphone devices for notification and social apps while sitting with children have many disadvantages. University of Michigan suggest that those parents who are using smartphone devices arounds their kids may cause different issues like internal tension, negative interactions and conflicts with their children.

We know that what children see, children do. Children watch and copy their parents’ conversation. Children can read facial expressions of other people and express in the same style. If children do not do that, then surely, they are missing out some essential milestones of development.


Some of the easy and quick solutions for these problems are:

  • Plan some of the time with family, it will help in reconnecting with your children.
  • Use apps available on Parental Control and Screen Guiding. It will help to balance children watch time online and playing around.
  • When you are with your kid, don’t do the stressful tasks of your list. Try to give some time to them and do your easy tasks. You can do your stressful task later.
  • Try to play some of the physical games with your children in home or in ground. This will help them increase their interest in physical games.

Did you face such problems in your daily life or something similar? What are your strategies to prevent it?

Share your views and comments with us. So, we may encourage to write more articles for you.

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