The Best Tablet in 2022

Are you become confuse when it comes to choose between Apple iPad or Android Tablet? We bring you a series of information and side by side comparison of both the device. That will clear your final choice of selection. Plus, we will tell you five of the best Android or Apple slate which you can buy. So, let’s begin.

When you go out to buy a slate. You will find hundred of different devices available in the market. Making you doubtful to choose any single device. Whether you are looking an iPad, or searching for any good Android model that fits your needs as well as budget. But wait, there are many factors that you can consider before finalizing your decision. These factors will make your decision easy to take. Along with the two there are Window Slates available. Those are entirely different devices from iPad and Android Tablet.

Apple vs Android

If you are searching for a device that is compatible with eBook readers, excellent media player and specially a kids’ device. Then Android tablet is the best option for you as compared to iPad which are more versatile and give high level performance.


In general, the biggest features of Apple iPad are two. iPads are virus free, its never become slow in long term usage. It is providing very clean and natural type of interference. Secondly the most important feature is that, all the apps available for android tablet is also available for an iPad in one form or another. So, iPad gives you same productivity result that you are expecting from android tablet.

The biggest drawback of iPad is, while in current upgrades about multitasking improve over all performance. But still iPad is unable to give features of multiple user access to single device and sharing files with other colleagues is still awful. Still iPads are not the perfect replacement for MacBooks. iPad still needs a lot of improvement in such way. The good feature of iPad is its accessories like Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil give you an ease of become more creative and artistic.


Android tablets such a Google’s Android operating system provides you leverage of hardware selection from many different manufacturers. It enables maximum configurability, a quality notification system, and all of the above integration with many useful applications such as Google Maps, Gmail and Video Chat. Android tablets are fast reliable and smooth in web browsing. Android is allowing support for many users’ logins. It helps in sharing device with any friend or family member. While Apple is not the same feature. One of the drawbacks that android tablets are facing.

Mostly android is available with older version of the software, and only a few devices can be upgraded to latest launch version. If you are accessing Amazon library and addicted to web browsing, then Amazon’s Fire operating system is for you. It is an android’s branch and came with it personalize interface. It is a good option for using content from amazon.  Amazon Fire is design to stream videos from many of different services. It is easy to use as compare to android tablets. But it is fever flexible for customization as compare to android.

Which Tablet Has the Best Apps?

Will you buy any tablet without having good quality apps? Surely Not. There are apps that certainly designed and developed for specific touch-screen devices. In this case no one beats Apple devices. iPad is having a huge variety of apps and games that are specially develop and design for Apple tablets. App store is regularly monitor and regulate for quality apps. App Store is carrying a tons of quality games and applications. if you are looking for extra-ordinary cool and compelling apps then Apple devices would by your first choice.


Android travel a long way to build it good apps and make google store a credible place. They are taking serious steps while selecting any app to its store now. But still Play Store is far behind as compare to App Store. Apple is offering a vast variety of iPad-enabled apps as compared to android. Android has lesser apps for tablets and not matching the quality of Apple. Although Android is producing phones with around 7 inches screen and tablets are 9-10 inches screen. There is not a big different but still they can’t reach to optimum level.  


On the other hand, Amazon tablets are not allowing to access to Play store. So as compared to Apple and Android, Amazon have a very little pool of apps. There are many customers, who enable their amazon tablets to Play Store through hacking. They access all the apps of Play Store, but this is a violation of Google’s and Amazon’s terms of services. Hacking your tablet to Play store is not a reliable and long-term solution. Amazon is offering its own store which is actually a sub set of Play store. Amazon is only recommending its users to use apps that is design specially for Amazon tablets and available at their store.

What Size of Tablet Do You Prefer?

Some of the important elements that are considered while buying any tablets is Screen size of the device and storage capacity. The very first thing we ask is “what is the screen size?” and believe me its matter a lot. Now a days most of the devices are available with 10-inch or bigger screen size. Screen size is measure diagonally.

Screen Size

7 to 8-inches screen are considered to be small-screen tablets. While 9-inches and above screens are categories as large-screen tablets. All the companies, including Samsung’s slates, Amazon’s Fire tablets and Apple’s iPad are producing their devices in both large-screen and small-screen iterations. Currently companies produce some folding phones that easily reach to tablet screen size and can perform very well for example Samsung Galaxy Z Fold-3. This device can be using both ways, as a phone or as a tablet.

While reading eBooks or surfing web the important thing is screen resolution. A brighter and sharp display is important. Now a days screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels is essential for a 10 inches tablet.


If your tablet is lighter in weight, then you have an absolute advantage on a laptop. Large screen tablets are carrying around one pound of weight. So, tablets are not as lighter as a smartphone. Holding a tablet for around 20 minutes in your hand will result in tired your hand. Setting your tablet flat in your lap can be little awkward as well. Only certain tablets will smoothly fit in your large pocket of your jacket. If you want to carry your tablet in your pocket then you must consider small screen tablets.

Cloud storage is an important feature for any tablet. Different companies providing different types of cloud storages. For example, iCloud for iPads Amazon Cloud Storage for Fire tablets, Google Drive for Android tablets. These storages are good, but when it’s come to offline storage or onboard storage, it is considered to be a very important feature.  Apps installed on the tablets while merging with photos, music and videos took a lot of onboard space. To tackle such problem some of the tablets are featured with removable additional storage in the form of microSD slots. While apps will only work on internal storage.

Cellular Tablets vs Wi-Fi-Only

Some of the devices come with a built-in Wi-Fi only. You have to be in Wi-Fi enabled area while working online on your tablets. Some of the tablets come with Wi-Fi and Cellular service option too. You can use internet through any wireless provider. While traveling or hanging around you can use your tablet better with Cellular data options. While working with your Wi-Fi tablet you need to use your smartphone as Wi-Fi hotspot.  

Some of the Top Tablets in 2022

We are providing a list of Top Tablets in 2022.  For detailed review of these devices, you can check our next article.

1)   Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB, Space Grey, 5th Generation)

2)   2021 Apple (10.2-inch, iPad, Wi-Fi, 256GB, Silver)

3)   Fire HD 10 tablet (10.1″, 1080p Full HD, 32-GB, latest model, Black)

4)   Fire HD 10 Kids tablet (10.1″, 1080p Full HD, ages 3–7, 32 GB, Sky Blue)

5)   BOOX Max Lumi 13.3” (ePaper, Front Light, Android-10, Fingerprint Recognition, 207dpi, BT 5.0 Digital Paper 4G 64G)

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