How to replace the battery in your iPhone?

It is possible to replace the iPhone battery on your own, but it is not a simple task. You should be aware that such devices have a lot of glue, and you’ll have to remove several parts to get to the battery.

Following the 2017 throttling controversy, many Apple users got interested in finding a way to bypass the slowdown.

While you can disable performance throttling, which intentionally slows down devices with older batteries, replacing your I IPhone’s battery is significantly more effective.

We’ll also explain how phone batteries function and how throttling affects the performance of your phone.

How do batteries function?

It’s not a problem with the product; it’s just the way they do business. Because you won’t be draining your battery to 0% and then charging it to 100% every day, this could take a long time.

A battery cycle can take a day, two days, or even longer to finish. The iPhone’s battery life is predicted to be 500 cycles before it starts to decline.

Self-replacement of the battery

It is possible to replace the iPhone battery on your own, but it is not a simple task. You should be aware that iPhones have a lot of glue, and you’ll have to remove several parts to get to the battery.

It’s time-consuming, there’s a chance you’ll break your phone in the process, and you’ll void any remaining warranties on your iPhone.

Doing it yourself will also compromise the integrity of Apple’s waterproofing features, which were introduced with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

On websites with fixation, you can obtain detailed instructions as well as kits containing all of the essential tools for replacing your iPhone’s battery.

For roughly $35, you can get a replacement kit. It’s a better option than sending your phone to Apple for a battery replacement.

Having your battery replaced by a third-party repair service

These shops often provide high-quality repairs for a fraction of the cost of Apple’s, but you’ll have fewer guarantees and warranties. Because a repair shop is more of an unknown, make careful to read reviews and ratings.

Because they need your business, you’ll usually receive a fantastic rate, but it won’t be covered by a warranty. Overall, you won’t get the same amount of quality assurance that Apple does.

IPhone is running at a slower rate than usual

Sending a message, downloading files, making calls, opening GIFs, and sharing your latest picture to Instagram can all be challenging with an outdated iPhone battery.

Slow phone performance can occur without Apple’s participation in the form of throttling if your battery is older. You may avoid this by having your battery replaced as soon as you discover a problem.

They have their own minds

iPhones, as technologically advanced as they may appear, have a mind of their own. This can happen when your computer shuts down unexpectedly while you’re writing an email, sending a client an invoice, or looking at the pictures your uncle sent from the family reunion.

Defragging your phone to enhance its processing speed is not a long-term solution if this is the case. You’re merely postponing the inevitable – the unavoidable end of your iPhone (and need for a battery replacement).

Charging for long periods

If your battery is in good working order, it should be quickly chargeable. This typical indicator of a deteriorating battery is iPhones that take more than two hours to charge (or simply refuse to charge no matter how long they’re plugged in).

As a result, if your phone takes too long to charge, you’re in desperate need of an iPhone battery replacement.

Apple’s Suppression

Apple has revealed that it will throttle older smartphones (such as the iPhone 6) in order to protect them from battery failure. This has far-reaching repercussions because the health of your phone in the future is dependent on how quickly you discover an issue.

It’s understandable that you’d want to know how to identify if your iPhone is being throttled. It’s simple to figure out how. There, you can view your battery’s performance statistics and learn more about what’s causing it to become sluggish. You can switch off throttling at any time if you determine that Apple is the cause of your slow phone.

Do not dismiss this as a non-replaceable item. Throttling is only a precautionary step that has a short-term impact on performance, therefore getting your battery replaced is a good idea.

If you need an iPhone battery replacement, go no further than plus

Plus is the greatest option for a quick and low-cost iPhone battery replacement, and it’s now available in most major cities across the country. Consider the agony of being without your phone for a few days because you delayed too long to have the battery replaced.

This is no longer an issue because plus provide same-day repairs. The best thing is that we come to you, no matter where you are, so you don’t have to wait in lines or deal with crowds.

Our iPhone battery replacement service starts at $69 and comes with our standard lifetime warranty. You’ve seen that being proactive about your iPhone’s bad battery status is well worth the cost of a battery replacement. 

The iPhone’s Battery Life and Performance

Your iPhone is built to provide a simple and intuitive user experience. Battery and performance is an important technology field. Changes in iPhone performance can be caused by aging batteries.

Concerning lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are used in such a kind of device. The batteries with Lithium charge faster. So due to an extended battery and better density, it is considered to be one of the best devices of its kind. It helps to keep the battery life longer in a smaller container

 To get the most out of your battery, follow these steps

The combination of things you do with your device is one aspect that affects battery life and lifespan. There are ways to help regardless of how you utilize it. The lifespan of a battery is determined by its “chemical age”.

It takes into account a variety of criteria, such as the number of charge cycles and how it was handled. Follow these steps to get the most out of your battery and help it last longer.

Keep your iPhone, for example, having the special aspect of a healthy and prolonged battery. So it solves half of the problem for your specific device!

Preventing unplanned outages

Users are more likely to face sudden shutdowns when the battery state of charge is low, the chemical age is high, or the temperature is cold.

Shutdowns can become more frequent in extreme instances, rendering the device unstable or inoperable. This iPhone-only performance management option is present in specific devices.


Lithium is a material that tends to decrease its charge over time. So this condition is quite disturbing for the battery of a specific device. Likewise, for a mobile, this chemical substituent totally ruins the battery of a device. Here the ability of mobile matters the most. Therefore it is maintained by having well-established batteries till the specific time. So it works in a specific manner to provide life to a device.

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