Latest Android Apps for You in 2022

Are you an android user and searching for some new cool android apps? Stay tune with us till the end of this article. We are here to provide you details of some of the new android apps that will definitely help you and ease your life.

App developers are trying to introduce new apps for our tablets and smartphone on regular basis. They are also trying to enhance current apps on daily basis and struggling hard to capture maximum portion of users. In a result, we see new apps launch on daily basis and making it difficult for us to track them all. It is very difficult to decide that which app is the best one to download. If you are using your apps for long ago and now getting bored with your current list of apps, and looking for some new apps then check this selection of app we brought for you.

Following is list of top new android application today.

  1. Alpha KWGT
  2. Deep Translate
  3. Easy Canvas
  4. Fry
  5. E-Secure Password Manager
  6. Inspire X
  7. Jow
  8. Mapgenie: Elder Ring Map
  9. Store Assist by Walmart
  10. Zenforms

Alpha KWGT

Price: $0.49

If you are looking for a theme pack then Alpha KWGT is your destination. This app is packed with 50 wallpapers and 45 different and unique widgets to decorate your home screen. All of the widgets and wallpapers work great. Widgets and wallpapers are less in size but providing HD results. If you buy the pro version of Alpha KWGT, you will get a third-party launcher with your app. Which will enable the app to work very well.

DeepL Translate

Price: Free

In the current era where the whole world is become a global village and we need to interact with different people with different culture and languages from all the around the world. To meet this difficult situation and effectively communicated with people we need a good translation app where we can express our words with others. DeepL Translate is providing an easy, simple and quick mean for translation. It is providing an option for translation between 26 languages.

The interference is very simple. We just need to enter our words in the platform and pick our desire language. And DeepL Translate will translate it instantly. The app is so new that still it did not get award but the best thing about this app is, it is very easy to use. Along with the light mode there is a dark mode available too. Other features are self-language detection. Which enable it work more quickly and precisely. Remember, you can not compare DeepL Translate with Google Translator but no doubt it is one of the good applications for basic translation.

Easy Canvas

Price: Free/ $10.99

It is a useful app that enable your pc into a good drawing tablet. Easy Canvas provide you unique and different features. Such as wireless and wired support, palm rejection and many other features. It is a good option for Galaxy-Tab series. Easy Canvas provide support to almost all the devices. It is supporting different level of pressure with S-Pen which is needed for digital art by artists. Developers are trying to enhance and polish different features of Easy Canvas for making it one of the best app.


Price: Free

There is always need of an app that can provide respond in medical emergency. But we always lack of such apps. But not now here is an app with the name of FRY that can be helpful in emergency responding.  This app is good in helping people facing with any traumatic event. Its help in providing exercises, series of medication and different follow-up videos. The app is easy to use and self-explanatory. The first responder of the app sees different stuff and sometimes need assistant for help. This help is not yet winning any awards. But it is providing good features and resources for free.

F-Secure Password Generator

Price: Free

F-Secure is an app that is able to generate different passwords for your use. It is a free app and generate passwords for fee. This app work through a link website where you can generate password with password manager. The company aims to provide free features to help people creating stronger passwords. After generating a password user can customize or edit password a little a bit. Generated password can be maximum of 32 characters. Passwords must include numbers, lower- and upper-case letters and symbols. Passwords can be work with different websites and you can customize it with working with selected websites. Some of the features are paid while maximum features are free of cost.

Inspire X

Price: $1.49

It is a new watch face for Wear OS. It is providing different styles of watch face but most famous is analog-style. That is providing easy to read numbers, smooth and stylish animations and beautiful colors. The screen is arranged with many icons such as data battery and few of customizable spaces. The spaces can be use for different options like steps, temperature and other data. It is providing a very simple and interactive watch face. You can set different color options and different easy to read features. Although it is not very futuristic or smart but frankly speaking it is providing good features and work well.


Price: Free

If you like cooking and try new recipes on regular basis, then this app is for you. Jow is comparatively new app for food recipes that is listed with some grocery shopping as well. The app is newly launch that is why currently providing not massive but reasonably good amount of recipes database. But app is nicely decorated with recipes. The Jow is features with different categories of recipes like recipes for kids, adults and larger recipes for families. Every recipe has a step-by-step instruction and for easiness different videos are available as tutorials. Choosing any recipe will give you the option of adding all those recipe ingredients to your shopping list. Which will help you to buy those ingredients at store.  

MapGenie: Elden Ring Map

Price: Free/$5.99

It is stuff finding game in a map. It is going to be one of the most famous games in the current year. This game is providing a detail map with around 1500 different points of interest. Feature includes in the map are Keys, Map, Flask upgrade, hidden chest and so many other things. You can play the game on the basis of different categories or map and help your progress by taking track related notes. The map is very much self-explanatory and addictive to play. Gamers should check out this game.  

Store Assist by Walmart

Price: Free

Well, this is a good app for retailer and consumer will hardly like this app. Store Assist is develop to give assistant to Walmart retailers. Its help them in different aspects like customer arrival notification, management services, and in store pick-up orders. App is very neat and user-friendly. You don’t need to on front end doing your tasks. Its help you manage your store from back-end. Retailers will definitely like this app.  


Price: Free

If you ever use Google Forms, then Zenforms is the Me-too product of google forms. It is providing almost same features like google forms. In Zenforms, you can create different type of forms, send it to different people and people will fill it. All the filled data will be coming to you. And you can access it for your use. Google forms is a part of Google drive suite, same Zenforms is a portion of Zenkit Suite. Zenforms is supported by different other features like, audio, video and sub-forms. If you do not want to use google form then Zenforms is the best replacement for you.

So, these are some of the new launch apps of this year. If you think we missed any good app, comment it below in comments and we will be right year with a detail review.

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