A Guide to Redmi Note 11 Pro

The popular mobile by Xiaomi is a brand new Redmi phone that follows a launch by Xiaomi. This device sets to follow the release in China first and then it shows the presentation all over the world after a few days. Hence, the name of this device is ” Redmi Note 11 Pro “.

The phones by Xiaomi are known for their low price with the best features.

Redmi Note 4 is one of their top-selling devices when it follows a release in the past with very good features and the best thing that shows up is its low price.

General assumptions

This thing makes it the best. It follows up the release in the manner of success. It shows up to accelerate the success of Redmi note 4, Redmi 7 Pro, and Redmi Note 7.

The hilarious reviews are going viral all over the internet. This is one of Redmi’s best devices ever with many new updates from the Redmi 9 Pro and Redmi Note 7 series. 

Expected Price Range

The expected price in china is less than Redmi 9 pro but it has many new features. Redmi Note 4 shows up to be a top-selling device in history with very good features.

Hence, This device has the same specs with some updates so the price of Xiaomi 4 in the USA follows up the analysis to have a decrease in its price like 11 Pro goes viral. 

If we talk about the price then we get to know that the Redmi Note 4 price in the USA is around $150.

Contrasting features of Redmi 11 and 4 :

  • The first one has Styles which the later one doesn’t have. Hence, for first one we see a 48MP main camera and Redmi Note 4 has a 13 MP main camera.
  • First one has a bigger battery Redmi Note 4 Price in the USA is $150. While second one has price in China is around 799 yuan which is equal to upcoming device. It shows up its release back in Aug-18 and Pro 11 follows up the release nowadays. 
  • The former has a metal build and later has a full glass build. First one shows up to have Android 8.1 and other one has Pie.

Differences of Pro and Max series:

  • Max is the biggest mobile from Redmi devices ever it will be released with Redmi note 11 Pro.
  • The difference between the former and later is that Max which has 10GB of ram and Redmi note 4 has 6GB of ram.
  • The former similar to Redmi 9 pro with Snapdragon 660 CPU. The company of Xiaomi released smartphones in batches one month ago or two months ago
  • Max will be released after two months as Redmidevices launched Redmi 9 pro first then Redmi note 7 and Redmi note 7pro.

Mobile specifications


6.3 inch  IPS LCD


20MP selfie camera with pixel binning and soft light LED flash from Redmi Note 7 Pro.

48MP rear camera with Redmi note 7 Pro features like nightscape 2.0, super-resolution mode(pixel binning), and AI portrait photography. Note 4 has a 13 MP main camera. 

Redmi note with its Pro and Pro plus version has a 20 MP selfie camera Redmi Note 4 doesn’t have!

The device is also known as the game-changer that will be released in China soon after Redmi Note 11 pro so Redmi note 4 prices in the USA may decrease.


The android software which doesn’t have the Redmi note 11 pro’s chipset will be launched in China soon after Redmi note 11pro so Redmi note 4 prices in the USA may decrease.


6.3 inch  IPS LCD Redmi Note 4 doesn’t have a better display with other versions, will get to reveal in China soon after Redmi note 11pro so Redmi note 4 prices in the USA may decrease.

Rear Camera:

48MP main camera with pixel binning and pro features Note 4, it doesn’t have pro’s rear camera. So, Redmi note 4 prices in the USA may decrease.

Front Camera:

20MP selfie camera with soft light LED flash Redmi Note 4 doesn’t have Redmi note 11 pro’s selfie camera shows up in China soon after Redmi note 11pro so Redmi note 4 prices in the USA may decrease.


4000mAh  with 26W fast charging Redmi Note 4 doesn’t have Redmi note 11 pro’s battery Redmi Note 11 Pro and Max will be launched in China soon after Redmi note 11pro so Redmi note 4 prices in the USA may decrease.

Summary of Mobile Specifications 
Display = 6.3-inch IPS LCD  
Camera = 20 MP Front camera, 48 MP Rear Camera  
Chipset = Qualcomm Snapdragon 675  
GPU = Andreno 612  
Battery = 4000 mAh with 26 W charging  
Extra features = Advanced pixel binning and soft light LED Flash  
Specifications for Redmi Note 11 Pro

Price & Availability

The price is around $250 Redmi Note 4 Price in the USA is $150. The difference between this device and the Xiaomi 4 with Xiaomi new device is full glass by Xiaomi has a metal body Redmi 11 Pro.

It follows the face recognition that Redmi devices show in their launch. The smartphones in batches of Redmi 9 Pro show that these devices were released first.

I hope this article added knowledge to your mind so there seems to be a great understanding to you.

Review guide

There has not been any official statement for reviews. But it also shows that it follows a bundle of some things that make it worth buying.

So, some are extensive features to buy.

Product on budget

Everybody wishes to grab something that provides them quality. They look for the things under their budget. So, no need to worry about it!

The peculiar device by Xiaomi solves your problem and provides you with a solution to have a great device. This device not only follows a price range under 300$ but it also follows impressive quality.

Collection of qualities

Xiaomi always helps to provide its customer’s innovation. It always strives to provide you with the best quality product.

Recently, this new phone by Xiaomi is not only a wonderful gadget. But, it has qualities that feature in a minimum price range.

The features like Camera resolution, battery life, and impressive design make it one of the best.

Review by Public

The device by Xiaomi namely the Note 11 Pro is quite famous among the public. The reason is obvious by its quality features.

So, in order to know more about public opinion, this article provides you insight in the form of review points by the public.

Hence, it shows the following points.

Well, we assume that this article helps you to its best. But, in order to get the ultimate guide, we recommend you to follow Youtube.

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