Smartphones you should buy in 2022

Smartphones you should buy in 2022

Which Phone to buy Current smartphones are far more butter than ever. And there is a huge competition going between companies to present the smartest phone with phenomenal technologies. In such era it is difficult to select any single smartphone as a perfect smartphone. There are many smartphones claims to be the super smartphone in the market. In such situation the question arises that which smartphone we should buy? We have many smart gadgets launch this year, although it is only the second quarter of the year 2022 but mobile companies perform a tremendous job to offer top innovation with providing key elements and functions like quality, value, design, functionality and value. While people didn’t find perfect phone for every task.

The following list provides information about different smartphone and their possible functionalities, and we hope that through following list anyone can find best smartphone according to their needs.

Usually, these types of lists consist of Apple and Samsung mobiles only. But this is not a usual list, read the reviews till last you will be amazed to see different brands that you might not expect from us to put in the list or maybe you might not familiar with.

Smartphone of year 2022

1. Apple iPhone 13-pro

iPhone 13-pro is Apple’s flagship mobile and one of the most successful smartphone brand series around the globe. This master-piece is consist of 120Hz display. With super camera providing top tier performance. At a very first look the iPhone 13 pro seems a wonderful gadget due to its 6.1 XDR display with super Retina. It is the first smartphone of Apple company in which they introduce the technology of Pro-Motion. iPhone also change the panel, now its super smoothly topping out at 120Hz. With 20% smaller notch this time. Talking about the cameras of the phone, you will get beautiful set of 3 cameras at the back with faster apertures and bigger sensors. It allowing the cameras to improve its performance in low light, improve its quality and ultrawide capturing. Ultrawide capturing offers capabilities of macro shooting as well.  iPhone also improves its zooming capabilities to 3 multiplier telephoto snapper, that allowing you to furtherly shoot with clear pictures.

iPhone is still ahead in the industry when we talk about video capturing and introducing some new modes like Cinematography, allowing excellent control on how your photos look goods in the moment. iPhone 13 pro is equipped with a bigger battery as compare to previous models making it able to work for two days iPhone in a single charge. iPhone 13 pro build with an A15-Powerful Bionic Chip. This makes it faster and ready to entertain. iPhone 13 pro is starting from the price of $999 with the storage of 128GB. And no doubt this edition is also beating its competitor in no time.

2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra – Best Android phone

After the successful launch of Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Samsung continue to launch its full-blown successor with the name of Galaxy S22 Ultra with some additional features. This phone contains everything you find in Note 20 Ultra. The design of this phone is completely different from phone launch in S22 range. This phone’s design is inspired by Note series and look like Note-like. Also adding the feature of S-Stylus Pen, which was a unique sign of Note series. S-Stylus Pen help in increasing the functionality and productivity.

Samsung S22 Ultra is feature with a monster camera of 108mp that is main shooter camera, assisting by two other lenses for different zooming levels. The main camera is also contained feature of ultra-wide angle. All the features in the camera increase its performance as compared to older releases. Samsung S22 contain an expensive and super cool display of 6.8 inches LTPO-AMOLED that provide 120Hz of adaptive refresh rate and delivering high WQHD plus resolution.  The only disadvantage that Galaxy S22 ultra contain is slower charging of the phone. In recent launches most of the companies provide fast charging phone but Samsung stick to its previous version of technology. Along with this the S22 ultra feel a little bulky in hand while using.

3. Google Pixel 6-pro

Undeniably the Google Pixel 6-pro is a heavier and sizeable phone, but it provides a beautiful OLED display of QHD+ curved edge technology. Google adapt this technology for the first time in their smartphones. Such display provides an excellent refresh rate of 120 Hz enabling the Pixel 6-pro to move smoother and higher just like Apple iPhone 13 series. Pixel 6-pro equipped with a bigger battery of 5000mah this time. It provides long lasting battery backup to your all-day long activities. But the fast-charging system is a little confusing and making some mess. Google launches the newest smartphone design in Google Pixel 6-Pro and magnificently improve its camera features.

Google Pixel 6-pro is consisted of a smarter and beautiful 50mp main camera sensor. That is able to deliver dynamic and outstanding results. Pixel 6-pro is also equipped with latest camera features and filters, like Rock Solid Face Unblur, and Magic Eraser. Google Pixel-pro also consist of 48mp tele-photo camera with an option of optical zoom of 4x. beside with these cameras a 12mp ultra-wide camera is also attached. The new camera series substitute old fashion single-sensor camera technology.

4. Oppo Find X5 Pro

The Oppo Find X5 pro is outstanding smartphone by any means. The phone consists of a 6.7inches display with 10-bit and 120Hz QHD+ panel. Right now, this display is one of the best display available in any smartphone. Oppo upgrade its charging features very well. Oppo Find X5 pro is able to charge by 80W through wired and 50W through wireless charging. Phone is equipped with a 5000mah battery that last for long enough. Oppo is always known for its brilliant and crisp picture quality. They are able to provide the same results in this phone by presenting top-tier 50Mp camera on both the lenses i.e., ultra-wide lens and main lens.

Talking about the performance, Oppo Find X5 Pro is unbeatable. Along with such brilliant features, this phone is containing 8 generation Snapdragon 1 chip. This phone come a massive 256GB of storage and 12GB of RAM. All you need to just pick up the phone and pay the pretty much price.

5. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

This technology Z Flip 3 is using, can a game changer in smartphone industry. They continue the evolution of the smartphone to next level by launching the foldable touch screens. Samsung is successful in making it water-resistant as well. They improve Z Flip 3 in many aspects as comparing to previous models. They try to enhance every feature from performance to basic designing. And all of the above Samsung is able to make it cheaper and in everyone’s reach.

Galaxy Z Flex 3 phone’s dual camera and battery life could be improved, but providing the newest folding technology, high-class performance and new attractive design it is best possible feature phone while comparing to its price. The phone battery is good but not very super cool. The phone did not contain telephoto camera and still it has a bigger space for toughness.

So, which phone do you liked the most and why?

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